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The doctor said that the type and location can be used to distinguish between good and bad body fat; the picture shows the situation. (image taken from freepik)

[Sianel Iechyd / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]Many people have obesity problems due to too much bad fat, but the human body also has indispensable good fat. According to doctors, fat in the human body can be differentiated from good fat or bad fat according to its type and location. For example, brown fat can be converted into heat to prevent hypothermia; white fat can protect organs, but too much fat can cause obesity. In addition, a new study found that the fat attached to blood vessels is bad fat, which will cause inflammation in the blood vessels and lead to arteriosclerosis.

Method 1 to distinguish between good fat and bad fat: by type

Xie Anmin, the former director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of the Chicago Veterans Hospital in the United States, posted on Facebook “Dr. Brown fat is good fat, which can be converted into heat. When you are shivering from cold, brown fat provides heat. Newborn babies have a lot of brown fat, which can protect the body from hypothermia.

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He noted that adults were previously thought to have little brown fat, but later research found that some adults (7.5 percent of women, 3.1 percent of men) had some brown fat in the neck and front of the ribs. The amount of brown fat is inversely proportional to BMI, that is, obese people have less brown fat. Humans don’t know much about brown fat, and some research wants to find out how to convert white fat into brown fat, hoping to lose weight.

Xie Anmin explained that white fat can protect the body’s organs and is also the main energy storage place. It can also regulate systemic metabolism and insulin resistance by releasing hormones and lipocytokines. From these functions, it seems that white fat is not only a good fat, but also has various indispensable functions.

However, he emphasized that too much white fat will cause obesity, and the secretion of too much adipocytin will cause many metabolic dysfunctions. So white fat is good fat and bad fat.

Method 2 to distinguish between good fat and bad fat: by portion

Xie Anmin noted that abdominal fat consists of two parts, one part is the fat around the abdominal organs, called visceral fat, and the other part is the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen. Measuring the circumference of the abdomen can tell if there is too much fat in the abdomen Visceral fat makes up around 10% of body fat. Unless computed tomography or other special photography is used, it is impossible to differentiate between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in the abdomen.

He said that in the middle of the last century, the French doctor Jean Vogue noticed that the so-called male obesity (android obesity) in the obese body was related to diabetes, and then some large-scale epidemiological studies confirmed that middle peripheral obesity. and insulin resistance, Association, but not causal relationship, with metabolic problems associated with cardiovascular disease, such as diabetes.

Xie Anmin bluntly said that there are many debates about whether the fat in the waist circumference is the culprit that destroys many metabolic functions, or whether it is the factor that causes diabetes and heart disease , and at the same time is the cause of the obesity in the middle circumference. But there is evidence that visceral fat secretes proteins and hormones that can produce inflammation, which is harmful to cardiovascular health and prevents the body from metabolizing sugar and fat. Some people think that because abdominal visceral fat is close to the liver, it is easy for the liver to produce bad cholesterol.

In addition, he mentioned that a newer study found that the fat attached to blood vessels is also a bad fat. Fat next to blood vessels can cause inflammation of blood vessels, which is one of the main causes of arteriosclerosis. He also dissected some patients with severe coronary heart disease, whose coronary arteries are almost buried in a thick layer of fat.

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