Hilarity Posting a haunted house for sale for 5.6 million, the broker asks you not to make an appointment to view after 11 pm

real estate agent After announcing the sale of a haunted house for 5.6 million baht, begging you not to make an appointment to view the house after 11 pm What is the top comment on the left side of the wardrobe?

High house prices and low birth rate It has become a dilemma in Taiwan today. Therefore, many people who want to buy a house and start a family start to consider buying a haunted house. due to price factor

Recently, a real estate agent has just posted a 3-room, 3-bedroom house for sale worth 4.88 million Taiwan dollars (about 5.6 million baht), with an emphasis on not making an appointment to view the house at 11:00 pm

real estate agent Posted on the Haunted House Trading Group Facebook page. The house, which has more than 51,000 members, said the house is located on the fourth floor, the top floor of an apartment in Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City.

by the said house Built in the year 1980, together with stating that the incident caused him to smoke himself in his bedroom.

The real estate agent said he hoped those interested in buying a home would not schedule an 11 pm visit and would not talk about what they saw during the home inspection. can contact to make an appointment to see the house immediately but drive slowly Because I don’t want an accident.

The post got a lot of attention. Many netizens commented things like “I have to see the house at midnight! like any other house see on rainy days that there is a leak or leak”, “This house is not alone”, “house 42 age”, “Is the haunted house with a 4th floor apartment too expensive?” and Peak the biggest is “He’s on the left side of the cupboard in the first picture.”

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