How are you! US rejects Russian demands, believes Moscow is ready to invade Ukraine But Kiev says there is no reason Moscow will invade anytime soon.

The United States on Wednesday rejected Russia’s main demand for a permanent ban on Ukraine from joining NATO. and believed that Moscow was ready to invade but made an offer called “A new diplomatic path” to get out of the crisis Different assumptions from Ukraine Which high-ranking officials believe there is no reason for the “White Bear” to launch an offensive anytime soon.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said he will hold talks again in the coming days with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. After meeting on Friday (Jan. 21) in Geneva, while another group of talks initiated by France Bringing promises from Moscow that at least will continue to talk to the government of Ukraine

A month after Russia placed widespread security demands With hundreds of thousands of troops deployed along the border with Ukraine, the United States responded by coordinating cooperation with NATO allies. and said they were ready no matter what.

“It seriously sets the diplomatic path that Russia should take,” Blinken told reporters.

He put in place a new proposal in reciprocating measures. to address common security concerns, including reducing the number of missiles in Europe There is transparency in military maneuvers. and Western grants to Ukraine

However, he made a clear stance that the United States It will not yield to Russia’s main demand for a permanent ban on Ukraine from joining NATO. “From our point of view I cannot say more clearly. NATO’s door is still open and that’s our promise,” Blinken said.

Russia, which has a rather complicated history of relations with Ukraine. Rebellion in the east of the former Soviet Union which has killed more than 13,000 people since 2014.

That year, Russia also annexed Crimea and annexed it as part of its territory. After a government in Kiev resisted efforts to move closer to Europe was overthrown.

US warns of severe and rapid repercussions if Russia launches aggression Among them included the possibility of personal sanctions against President Vladimir Putin. And NATO ordered 8,500 soldiers to be ready. “While we hope and are working on a good solution, alleviating stressful situations But we are prepared for the worst as well.” Jens Stoltenberg NATO secretary-general said

Wendy Sherman, an aide to Blinken, who led past rounds of negotiating with Russia, said Putin appeared to be ready to aggress despite warnings from the United States. “I don’t know if he has made a decisive decision, but of course we see indications everywhere. Like he was using military force at any given time. Maybe between now and mid-February.”

She suspected that Putin might wait for it not to overshadow the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, which the Russian leader will also be attending. Amid diplomatic sanctions from the United States and many national allies

In another attempt to defuse tensions High-ranking Russian and Ukrainian officials met for more than eight hours in Paris. with representatives from France and Germany

Dmitry Kozak, a top Kremlin official, said the talks were “not easy” but that talks will be held in Berlin in the next two weeks. An aide to French President Emmanuel Macron called the talks “difficult” but told reporters that “In the present environment We received a good signal.”

France and Germany join the US. To sound a warning to Russia of any aggression but did not speak directly about the sanctions.

US President Joe Biden, who spoke with European leaders via teleconference on Tuesday, said any military attack would be “continued”. Russia’s impact on Ukraine will spark “massive repercussions” and possibly even “Change the world

However, Dmitry Peskov shrugged at the threat. He warned that personal attempts to punish Putin would destroy everything.

at the beginning of the week Once again the United States advise citizens to leave Ukraine warn that any aggression It is imminent. However, the Ukrainian government has denied that there is any danger. creeping in and said that he was looking for a way out of the crisis in the hope of preventing panic

Defense Minister Olegsky Reznikov said at a council meeting that “So far there is no reason to believe that Russia will attack anytime soon,” he said, adding that the Russian army had not sent troops to advance to the border. There is no need to prepare food.”

Like Hanna Mallar, Deputy Defense Minister noted on Facebook. The number of Russian soldiers stationed at the Ukrainian border was not enough to carry out a full raid. But Putin is using the mobilization to politically blackmail the West and put pressure on Ukraine, adding: “Russia’s goal is to cause divisions in our society. Cultivating fear and panic to create chaos inside the situation.”

This is in line with the comments of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba. Told reporters that Russian soldiers pose a threat to Ukraine but the number of active “Not enough to be a full-on jomaty.”

(Source: AFP)



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