Hyeon-Hee Hong One-point lecture on catching up with Noje… actual comparison

‘Radio Star’ / Photo = Provided by MBC

Hong Hyun-hee, a popular comedian, shows symptoms of terminal illness (?), who is obsessed with Noje, a popular dancer in ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

MBC ‘Radio Star’, broadcast on the night of the 1st, pre-released a video containing an episode of ‘Neuroje X Noje, Injection-style Resemblance Education’ through Naver TV.

The pre-release video showed Hong Hyun-hee, who was diagnosed with the terminal illness (?) while researching the old age of ‘Street Woman Fighter (Swoopa)’. Hong Hyun-hee made an outstanding performance with ‘Neurose’, a parody of Noje in the YouTube content ‘Street Gagwoman Fighter (Sgaepa)’, a parody of ‘Swoopa’.

Hong Hyeon-hee confessed in surprise, “I feel like I’ve become pretty by myself” by studying and imitating the ‘Visual Dancer’ No. Then, he gave a one-point lesson to catch up with Noje’s unique expression, saying, “You can smile enough to see six upper and lower teeth,” and even specified the number of teeth, causing laughter.

Hong Hyun-hee showed a passionate attitude that not only lowered her head slightly and opened her eyes, but also did not hesitate to cramp her face in order to be reborn as a smiling old man. 4MC, fascinated by Hong Hyun-hee’s injection-style lookalike training from ‘Neurose’, expressed high expectations, saying, “I want to see two shots of how much they resemble each other.”

Finally, when a two-shot comparison between Noje and Hong Hyeon-hui of ‘Neurose’ was made, the scene was devastated. Seeing the two of them sitting side by side, Gura Kim said, “It’s not like they look alike, it’s just the person next to them.”

Only Noje showed satisfaction with the two-shot with Hong Hyun-hee of ‘Neurose’, creating a warm atmosphere, saying, “I was very grateful that Hong Hyun-hee parodied me. Rather, I was embarrassed because it was so similar.” However, the irrational number of ‘Neurose’, who could not stand this kind of work, was revealed and made people laugh.

Noje said, “On a talk show I appeared on, Hyun-hee Hong from ‘Neurose’ appeared with a naughty flag.” Noje said, “Are you okay?” I told you about a parody case. ‘Neurose’ Hong Hyeon-hee exposed his lower teeth and showed off his heart, and appeared with a mouthful, giving a laughter bomb by adding laughter MSG. Hong Hyeon-hee said, “Actually, seeing Noje, I was sorry because she was so pretty.”

Then, Noje tried to catch up with neurosis and robbed her of attention. Noje, who suddenly became a real copy of a fake, made a perfect copy of the neuroje expression under Hong Hyun-hee’s special training, foretelling the reversal of the bungeoppang chemistry and the hidden sense of entertainment, making this broadcast more awaited.

The chemistry between Noje and Neuroje Hong Hyun-hee can be seen through ‘Radio Star’, which is broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 1st.

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