I knew that and I was amazed.” “Baifern Pimchanok” went to the event in Singapore. So beautiful, how much did it cost?

Most recently, everyone was very proud. for the female protagonist “Baifern Pimchanok” who flew to Singapore to attend a huge main gala series Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power On Prime Video, it must be said that the night Baifern was talked about a lot for the look of that night which was absolutely stunning.

And I think a lot of people would like to know. I want to follow them and wear them together or whatever Because it’s very impressive, the team, the managers, the stylists will be happy too. Because the reporters, Kom Chad Luek, entertainment as “Pakphawit” Chat directly with the manager. What is the brand and how much is the whole thing?

Let’s say that girls and boys listen to this way, the whole set, if it is included in Thai currency. It is in Thai baht. In general, it is light, it should be approximate. 1,694,703 baht from head to toe that a lot of people say it That’s scary.

The information obtained mustthanks instagram fern_style update information Let us come to evaluate the price in Thai currency. Including asking the manager what dress that night, what dress, what brand, how? It is very touching for Thailand. Number of consents required fern_style From the picture, let’s see clearly Separate into pieces before estimating the price Let’s listen.

Let’s be clear about what to wear that night. Lightly beaten into Thai silver, then divided into earrings 219,972 baht.
1,246,508 baht from the brand Tiffany and Company. It is a US gem and jewelery brand.

And that’s not all, the sexy black dress is in Thai money, for about 90,739 baht, 70,575 baht in bags and 66,909 baht in shoes, all from Versace, a luxury brand that many people are familiar with. with vintage fashion with true luxury who has true Italian nationality for this brand just say the name immediately feel the luxury of this brand And even more on the body of a hot heroine like her Even more beautiful As for the full price, we’ve already told you, don’t panic.

Whispering that this whole body is the autumn-winter 2022 collection full of mystery, allure and luxury, this collection represents the Versace women. with its own charm and unique statement that creates a sensual and powerful look on the wearer.

However, knowing each other, we can go together. Who wants to be beautiful as a fern?

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