I want to see it, madam! Cherprang BNK48 makes Twitter hot after fitting the drama Busaba Lui Fai

I want to see it! “Cherprang Areekul” or “Cherprang BNK48” drama fitting “Busaba through fire” of the JSL camp to be broadcast on the Thai PBS channel It’s called just the fitting picture coming out. Fans are satisfied with both sneaking in the bright and cute style of Cherprang’s first TV period drama. Made it trending on Twitter today (Sept. 28) in the hashtag. #Fitting Busaba through fire

I must say that both fans and fans of the drama are very happy and excited when Cherprang BNK48 Ota’s favorite female singer had the opportunity to fit into a TV drama on the Thai PBS channel titled “Busaba through fire” period drama Produced by JSL Company, directed by Teacher Chang Chonprakul Chanruangand with many more actors As soon as the fitting picture of Cherprang comes out, fans are excited and want to see Cherprang. Play in a period that is sure to be both bright. Mae Ying and naughty style Played on TV for the first time which has begun to fit and will start filming After the Covid-19 situation begin to unravel Let’s just say that next year we’ll definitely be able to watch for a long time for this drama. I want to see Mae Ying Cherprang already!

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Image courtesy of IG Dara. cherprang.bnk48official

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