Home Entertainment “Ice Bank” opens a picture telling nostalgia of “Por Khom” after 6 months

“Ice Bank” opens a picture telling nostalgia of “Por Khom” after 6 months

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Can’t hear the lonely father in the whole house “Ice Bank” opens the picture of “Por Khom Chuan Chuen” reveals the most nostalgic feeling After his father has been gone for 6 months.

Suddenly, he left his family and fans for 6 months. “Aunt Khom Chuan Chuen” who passed away, never returned with Covid-19 on April 30, amid the family’s grief Friends, close friends and fans

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Latest (30 Oct 2021) “Ice Naphatcharin” Aunt Kom’s eldest daughter also posted a picture of her deceased father on her personal Instagram. Along with writing a caption to tell the nostalgia after your father has been gone for 6 months saying… “It’s been 6 months… I miss my dad a lot. I miss you most in the world Not hearing his father’s laughter makes the whole house lonely… I still can’t watch clips or videos of my father. I want to hug him.”

while on the side “Bank Athikit” The son-in-law shared a picture of his father-in-law when he was alive and working on Instagram. Along with expressing the feeling that… “ “My position, there is almost no place to rank. A little bit more. I guess I’ll have to carry my rank with me.” (Por Hhum’s voice still echoes in his head) This photo was taken while visiting him while shooting an advertisement. I miss the playfulness of Father Khom. It’s been 6 months now, Father … ”

which after “Ice-Bank” has already disclosed the said post. There are entertainers – fans. Come in the comments, send encouragement and send comments to “Aunt Khom Chuan Chuen” Through the comments are quite overwhelming.

Thank you Instagram : ice_napatcharin , bank_athigit

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