‘In the distant future’ popular singer Park Jung-woon from the 90s dies

▲The late Park Jeong-woon [사진=KBS방송 캡쳐]

[경기= 이한준 기자]

Singer Park Jung-woon, who gained great popularity in the 1990s by producing popular songs such as ‘In the future’ and ‘If it’s a night like tonight’, died on the 17th of last year from a chronic illness. 57 years old.

It is known that the deceased, who was born in 1965, suffered from cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes and died without recovery at Asan Hospital in Seoul, where he was hospitalized for surgery.

Park Jung-woon, who debuted in 1989 with his first album ‘Who, Me?’

After that, ‘What I remember is your wet eyes’ in 1995 and ‘Chi in my arms’ in 1996 also became very popular.

Park Jung-woon, who was involved in a cryptocurrency fraud case in 2017, was investigated and sentenced to 8 months in prison and 2 years of probation the following year.

The deceased started working on music for a new album with his fellow singer Park Jun-ha, but it was strange that his voice did not come out, so he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes while visiting the hospital.

Park Jun-ha said, “Early this month, just before the Chuseok holiday, we talked about the new album, but his condition suddenly worsened and he couldn’t get up.” After the funeral, he released a new song by restoring Park Jung-woon’s Voice as much as possible, and younger singers also sang. We will finish the last album in two ways, such as recording.”

Among Park Jung-woon’s survivors are his wife and daughter living in the United States, and the bereaved family returned home on the night of the 18th after hearing the news. Funeral arrangements for the deceased have not yet been decided.

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