“Ing Fah-Charlot” with a new role in the series “Show Me Love” wants to say love

‘Show Me Love’ I want to say that I love you. Is the first series of Yuri-style Miss Grand Thailand (Yuri / Girls’Love) tells the story of two young women who set out to discover their dreams until they meet, starring Ingfah Varaha a Charlotte Austin

On March 3, 2023, it was opened for fans to watch this series at the Siam Paragon cinema.

“The response is good, a relief, exhausted throughout the time we filmed the series. We work on other things too, less rest, but during the filming we are full, with the younger ones all full.

After seeing the work, I felt that what we were tired of How is it when it is gone? I am very happy for the very good feedback.

Cr. Kanok Shokjaratkul

in terms of filming At first there were quite a few adjustments. We were not struck by the flesh. shyness He wanted it to come out as naturally as possible.

I want to break off the Ing Fah-Charlot relationship. And think we are Mina-Cherine, as we play together more and more, it starts to become more natural.

Before coming to play the series We are not that close. Because the younger will be in the younger gang, and we work alone sometimes.

Cr. Kanok Shokjaratkul

But after coming to play the series together, filming brought us closer together. It made us break the wall in many ways, seeing each other’s love more. Thanks to the series, we’re even closer.

Of course, the series gets more intense. You will get to know the characters more and more so that you understand what the main point of the story is.

Thanks to everyone for the great response, there is still more to take. We are waiting to see in which direction the needs of the fans want to go.

Cr. Kanok Shokjaratkul

It’s actually not so much a love scene on a heavy level. At first it was very cute. It makes it more romantic. I want you to wait and see. In the end, it will be on the appropriateness that can be seen by all genders and ages.

We have shot about half of the film. Looking at the overall picture, I would like some reduction. some added So add about 5 more cues.

Please everyone follow me ‘Show Me Love’ on Grand TV channel. I want everyone to be happy. Have fun with us.

It’s another great achievement for us, MGT and MGI. I want everyone to see how much we put our hearts into the happiness we bring to everyone this year.”

Cr. Kanok Shokjaratkul

  • a dream come true

Charlotte Austin he said he was glad the fans had been waiting She herself was waiting too. Because while filming, I didn’t look behind the screen at all.

“We want to see how the picture will come out? When filming, Keng is the first series. Fear of not playing well Discontinued behavior with Phi Fah, the director, and friends of the team.

when I start shooting We started collecting that What do I have to do to pass? There is also a workshop and spending more time together getting to know each other ‘Ing Fah’ Indeed, the body ‘March’ true

Cr. Kanok Shokjaratkul

About acting, we like it. I have a dream that I want to be an actor too. When I had the opportunity to play in the series It emphasizes that we really like it

during filming time Between scenes, there may be more moments, such as a change from holding hands to hugging, to make them look closer to each other. which depends on the context at that time and the characters at that time as well.

Please follow the ‘Show Me Love’ series. I want to say I love you on Grand TV.”

  • Summary of ‘Show Me Love’ I want to say that I love you.

‘March’ (Ingfah Waraha), a young woman with a talent for singing and has a dream of becoming a famous singer But there were family problems that forced him to move to live with his aunt in Bangkok. and start a singing competition

part ‘Sherine’(Charlotte Austin), a woman who has been disappointed in many beauty pageants. losing confidence Becoming a beauty pageant manager And then one day, Cherine stepped into the beauty pageant again. Will she succeed?

Watching ‘Show Me Love’ I want to say that I love you. Available every Friday at 20:00 on Youtube, Grand TV channel.


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