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When was the last time you experienced a life change? In a way, change is universal and inevitable. In order to succeed in a rapidly changing world, we must adapt our attitudes to the variables and the unknown, and learn to see change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

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Expand your peripheral vision

Today, most people are very focused on the front and center, the job at hand, the next thing on the to-do list, the profit for the season, or getting through’ the day Most of us don’t notice things on the edge or in the distance.

Peripheral vision is not only about new ideas or finding solutions, but your peripheral vision narrows when you are anxious, whether you are worried about work, grades, finances, relationships with friends or colleagues, unmet expectations, etc. Anything can happen. Your horizons of visible reality, comfort and creativity also shrink, hence the name “tunnel vision.”

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Try this simple exercise

Expand your peripheral vision, open vast new horizons, make solutions emerge, and reduce anxiety. But it doesn’t happen automatically, you have to develop this skill, practice using this power.Try this simple exercise:

Raise your hands directly in front of your face, put your thumbs on your ears, use your ears as the pivot, open the rest of your fingers, and move back until you can’t see them from your eyes. Then move these fingers and move forward until you can see the fingers on both sides of your peripheral vision. this is yoursperipheral vision. Look carefully, is there something you didn’t notice before that you see now?

you can tooBlinking, turning your head left or right or in circles, walking, reading, or doing any form of distractionthings, do this exercise.

Or you can do it the other way.existHanging upside down from a tree, standing with both hands, or just bend over and touch your toes with your hands. Then from this new view, see where you are. Does the same scenario look different? Is there anything you don’t notice when you stand up straight?

Widening your peripheral vision isn’t a panacea, but it can help you see more, see more clearly, and be less anxious. It’s a great starting point.

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◎ This article is excerpted from / “Thinking Change: How to Navigate an Unstable Future and Develop a New Script for Individuals, Organizations, Families, and Businesses in the Changing Situation” Ai Renee
◎ Image source/Provided by Dazhi Image/shutterstock

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