Is the architecture of Meteor Lake the same as Alder Lake? Redwood Cove by P-Core is Golden Cove++

August 17, 2022CPU

Meteor Lake’s P-Core architecture (Intel’s 14th technology Main 14000 sequence) seems to be the very same as Alder Lake’s (12th technology Core 12000 series).

Golden Cove is adopted for P-Main Alder Lake. Raptor Lake (13th generation Core 13000 sequence) works by using Raptor Cove, but the microarchitecture by itself was not long ago revealed to be the identical as Golden Cove, just with a different name.This development appears to be continuing in Meteor Lake.

It is a little bit bewildering when written, so if you set it in a table, it will seem like this.

The above IDs are identified as Indigenous Model IDs, and are deemed microarchitecturally connected IDs.All P-Core IDs are 0x1, indicating no change in the microarchitecture.In accordance to Coelacanth Desire, this details was observed in Linux’s mapfile.csv.

It really is a shame that Meteor Lake will not have a microarchitecture update possibly, but considering that the approach node will shrink from Intel 7 to Intel 4, we can be expecting some IPC improvements.

It is not certain whether or not the Meteor Lake information above has been verified. Be aware that the information and facts above is early information just before release, so the mapfile.csv may possibly be up-to-date and changed to a distinct Indigenous Model ID in the long run.

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