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Argentine football star Lionel Messi explained the reason why he could not return to Barcelona’s Camp Nou. It was impossible to return to Barca due to financial constraints. If he goes back, it will affect the club’s plans for the future. There was no desire to return to the club in a way that would harm other players and the club’s finances. Barca was the only thing on his mind. I wanted and decided to start my life again at Barca. He wanted to help the club one day. Because it is so much love. Offers were received from several clubs from Europe. I hadn’t considered that at all. Because in Europe, Barca was the only one for me. But I realized that returning would destroy the club. It was also heard that players would have to be sold or their wages reduced. I don’t want any of this. I experienced this once before. Such a situation should not be repeated. If I wanted money, I could have accepted the offer of the Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal – Messi said during an interview. Last day, it was reported that the thirty-five-year-old player will join American Premier League Soccer club Inter Miami. There were rumors that he would return to Barca until the last minute. But in the end the decision went to Miami. Barcelona president Yoan Laporta responded that he respected Messi’s decision. Read on

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