Japan Travel| Kanagawa 1 day tour half price discount $279 per person! “A Man in a Bottle” fans must go to Kamakura High School and then visit Kamakura Buddha and Enoshima

Japan Travel| Kanagawa 1 day tour half price discount $279 per person! “A Man in a Bottle” fans must go to Kamakura High School and then visit Kamakura Buddha and Enoshima

The return of “A Man in a Bottle” has become even more popular. After watching the film, of course everyone must go on a pilgrimage to Kamakura, the filming location! KKday recently launched a half-price discount for Kanagawa art tour Enter the discount code before March 31, and you can join the Kamakura tour with Tokyo round-trip transportation for HK$279 per person Enoden Railway, 11 hours, no need to worry for the location of the traffic, go on a pilgrimage.

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Fans comment “A Man in a Bottle”, from 3 pm today until March 31, enter the discount code「02JPT50」enjoy a half-price discount to participate in the Kanagawa Art Tour, HK$558 per person, HK$279 after the discount, the tour fee includes transportation to and from Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kamakura Buddha (ticket ¥200 at your expense yourself), Enoshima Experience, Kamakura High School and Enoshima Electricity, if you stay here to enjoy the discount, you must leave on or before April 30.

Great Buddha of Kamakura

The seated bronze statue of Amitabha Tathagata, located in Kotoku-in, a Buddhist temple in the ancient capital of Kamakura, is a symbol of the ancient capital of Kamakura. The Buddha is 11.3 meters high, 13.35 meters high even with’ r pedestal, and weighs about 121 tons. Built in 1252, the Daibutsu’s flatter face, lower bun, and forward-leaning posture, etc., are in the style of the Song Dynasty Buddha statues popular in the Kamakura period, and were designated National Treasures of Japan.

Entrance fee: 200 yen


The Kamakura Great Buddha, built in 1252, has the style of Song Dynasty Buddha statues popular in the Kamakura period with its flatter face, lower meat bun and forward posture.

Hachiman Tsurugaoka Shrine

Received a one star rating in the Michelin Tourist Guide. Along with Ishikimizu Hachiman Shrine (Kyoto) and Usa Hachiman Shrine (Oita County in Kyushu), they are known together as the three main Hachiman shrines in Japan. During the Kamakura Shogunate period (1192), the central belief and patron saint of the samurai he was deeply connected with the first general of Kamakura. The territory is vast, and many places have been recognized as national historic sites, and it is also a famous place for viewing cherry blossoms and local maples.

Komachi Street

Komachi Street which stretches from Kamakura Station to Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine is a famous and very lively old street in Kamakura. Kamakura souvenirs, Japanese crafts, local delicacies, etc. are sold.


Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Toishimizu Hachimangu Shrine (Kyoto), and Usa Hachimangu Shrine (Oita Prefecture in Kyushu) are collectively known as the three main Hachimangu shrines of Japan.


In the Edo period, this was one of the scenic spots for the people of Edo (now Tokyo). The eight-armed seated Benzaiten wooden statue, Fujiwara Masahiro’s country Hizen sword, the eight-pointed turtle, Enoshima Enori and the bronze torii gate at Enoshima Shrine are all nationally designated valuable cultural properties. Benzaiten is considered the god of wealth, and worshipers and tourists will wash the water in the coin scene for good luck. In addition, Benzaiten has musical talents, and has always been a destination for Kabuki actors.


Since the Edo period, Enoshima has been one of the scenic spots for the people of Edo (now Tokyo).

Kamakura High School

Kamakura High School is the prototype of Lingnan High School in “A Man in a Bottle”; the intersection not far from the station is the location of the classic scene of Hanamichi Sakuragi and Haruko Akagi saying hello, and it’s a must-see in Kamakura. Shonan Coast Crossing the railway crossing and the road, downstairs is the famous Shonan Coast in Kanto, Japan. It’s a surfer’s paradise. If the weather is right, you can also see Mount Fuji directly.

Enoden’s experience

As for Kamakura, Enoden is an indispensable and representative mode of transportation. The passing tram scene is often seen in major Japanese film and animation works. This time, you can personally experience riding the Enoden. The route includes most of the famous scenic spots in Kamakura, and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Shonan coast.


When visiting Kamakura, the indispensable and representative mode of transport is the Enoden.

Kanagawa Cultural Tour One Day Tour

Enter the promotional code「02JPT50」Enjoy 50% off

Coupon code use date: March 23rd at 3pm to March 31st, while supplies last

Note: Leave on or before April 30

Discount: $279/person (original price $558/person) (Product value will be changed due to exchange rate fluctuations)


Collection time: 07:00-18:00

Meeting point: JR Tokyo Marunouchi Station North Exit / Shinjuku West Exit in front of Sumitomo Mitsui Bank

Journey duration: 11 hours

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