Judge 61’s “Historic Moment” To Be Broadcast Exclusively By Apple? Tough time for mechanically illiterate fans… |

The Red Sox game on the 24th will be broadcast exclusively on “Apple TV +” starting this season

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge has hit 60 home runs and is on pace to break Roger Maris’ 1961 team record and AL-61 record. However, there is a high possibility that the Red Sox game can be seen on the 23rd (24th Japan time), which will take a record, only on Apple’s video distribution service “Apple TV +”. The Yankees are said to be in talks to broadcast on an OES affiliate broadcast station.

US media “Yahoo Sports” reports. Earlier this year, MLB decided to broadcast games across multiple digital platforms, including Apple TV+, to generate revenue. This game, which draws attention because of the referees’ records, was also a game that was televised in its entirety.

Although it is currently a free broadcast, the article notes, “For Yankees fans who pay hefty monthly fees, it’s definitely frustrating to have to make the extra effort just to see a record. Judge’s home run. “If the situation does not change, it is inevitable that fans who are not used to machines will criticize MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred,” he said, pointing to the possibility that fan criticism will increase in the future .

The article, citing Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, said the Yankees are negotiating with MLB and Apple TV+ to allow games to be broadcast on the team’s own YES Network on Friday. For now, however, it appears that the two are refusing to negotiate.

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