Juné, after the boss extinguished the duo’s dream, is ready to explain the relationship.

It’s called extinguishing dreams, duo?

June: (laughs) What can I say, I’m sorry (raise your hand in salute). like a heart song If you grind and spin, you won’t be able to see something like this.

Is real life just friends?

June: Yes, it’s already opened (smile).

The boss has already launched And when will we launch?

June: I’m only 22. I still don’t want to think about how serious I am with anyone. I want to relax and want to see him first. Work hard.

But there is news that we are now familiar with Buikin?

June: Actually, we used to play in the series together, in short episodes, we’ve known each other since then. And after that, I accidentally discovered that friends are friends. is a person who is not very far And then came back to work together again when the MV liked myself when I was with her. He came to invite us because he felt he wanted the heroine he had worked with before So I invite you to come and play.

Do people care if there is anything more than friends?

June: Keep an eye on (make an eye gesture) There’s nothing more than a friend. Really, I’m glad. Does that mean we’re playing well, right? Well, not just Bukin, Pee Sky, Pee Peach, many people will be like Eh… are you in a relationship? What’s wrong? Let’s say here (laughs) that he is an older brother. be friends We are already comfortable with being with male friends. So it’s not strange. so that we look especially close to you be like this with everyone

In the selection mentioned above, they are all friends, right?

June: They are all friends.

When working with anyone, they are constantly being watched. How do we pose?

June : Next, I work. I actually walk like this (making an impressive gesture) because I am a manly person. Before, we didn’t even know. Because of the fact that we were rough We were just normal children. he had male friends before Of course, when we enter the world of work. It is still a matter of gender and propriety. It’s lucky that there are people around him who have good intentions to remind us. Oh, okay, sometimes it doesn’t look good. Or it doesn’t seem right. But I didn’t think anything of it, but I’m glad that many people say that I have public chemistry. I want to work I like to work a lot

What is the current status called?

June: I really like to work. I want money, I’m single, but don’t flirt with me. But flirting with me to go to work (laughs) is my simple life. We’ve had a relationship before. I used to have a girlfriend get some experience and feel that when we go into a relationship with someone, it’s a mess especially when we decide to work in the industry So I still feel like I don’t want to rush seriously.

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