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kaarmekham moodunnu song: Suresh Gopi’s assurance; He became a happy singer of music through the movie ‘Kaval’

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The song ‘Karmegham Moodunnu’ has been released for the Suresh Gopi movie ‘Kaval’. The song is sung by newcomer singer Santhosh. There is a story behind this song. The heroine and heroine of that story have a superhero to tell, and the real Suresh Gopi himself. Music and Santhosh in Malayalam are opening their minds to the promise made by Suresh Gopi and his efforts to fulfill it.

Santosh became a playback singer through Kaval

The reason we got to this movie is because of the program called Millionaire. It was through this that we reached out to Suresh Gopi Sir and the cast of Kaval Cinema. Sangeetha and Santhosh have expressed their gratitude to director Nithin Ranji Pamanikar, music director Ranjin Raj and Suresh Gopi Fans Association president Vinod M Azhakath.

Life changed by ‘millionaire’

I was trying to attend the millionaire at Manorama in the rain. Called me during the audition. There is a need to write personal information in a book. Finally, I have to write something to ask Suresh Gopisar. There I wrote that my husband wanted to sing in a movie. I wrote that day that he was physically disabled and a good singer, the music says.

I will take Santhosh …

My biggest wish and prayer was that my husband would sing in the movie rather than climb into the hot seat. It was fulfilled by us through Suresh Gopi Sir, no matter how much we say thanks and gratitude to him, the words of the music. The sentence he uttered that day had great power. He said he would try his best. That one assurance was the assurance of the film itself. When I finished singing on that platform he said that I would definitely sing to bring Santhosh here. He understands the song and the artist so well, says Santosh.

Happiness and gratitude

I sang a song I knew that day and he liked it. It’s late spring for me. Happiness and gratitude are with him. He gave me a chance. I have been singing since I was a kid. During his school days, he was an artist at all the state festivals. Currently working in the software sector. However, it is also sung in chants and so on. Eventually, his wife Sangeetha became a millionaire and was able to sing in movies as well. We got acquainted through the matrimonial site. Recognizing that they understood each other, we were getting married with the blessings of the family, Santhosh’s words.

You can see the story and video behind that viral song

The story behind the song that went viral as the happy singer of music under the watchful eye of Suresh Gopi

The cloud covers … Let’s hear the song

The watch is about to reach the theaters

Karmegham Moodunnu is a promo song for the movie “Kaval” directed by Nithin Ranji Panicker and starring Suresh Gopi in the lead role. B. Written by K Harinarayanan and composed by Ranjith Raj and sung by Santosh. Ranji Panicker, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Suresh Krishna, Padmaraj Ratheesh, Sreejith Ravi, Sadiq, Rajesh Sharma, Santosh Keezhatoor, Kichhu Tellus, Rajesh Sharma, Kannan Rajan P Dev, Chali Pala, Aristo Suresh, Ivan Anil, Rachel David, Muthumani, Anjali Nair The film stars Anitha Nair, Pauly Watson, Ambika Mohan, Santha Kumari and Baby Parthavi in ​​the lead roles.

Released on November 25th


Produced by Joby George under the banner of Goodwill Entertainment, this big budget film is shot by Nikhil S Praveen. Editor-Mansoor Muthoot. Production Controller – Sanjay Padiyoor, Art – Dileep Nath, Makeup – Pradeep Rangan, Costume Design – Nissar Rahmat, Stills – Mohan Surabhi, Advertising – Old Monks, Audiography – Rajakrishnan, Sound Design – Arun S Mani, Vishnu VC, Chief Associate Director – Sanal V Devan, Syamantak Pradeep, Associate Director – Ranjith Mohan, Assistant Director – Mrinalini Gandhi, Santosh, Jagan Shaji Kailash, Vinesh Perikad, Gokul, Action – Supreme Sunder, Mafia Shashi, Run Ravi, Production Executive – Paul Kuruma, Production Manager Vinu Krishnan, Abhilash Painkode, Jinu and Mithun Kodungallur. The action family drama-drama “Guard”, which tells the story of two eras in the Herring background, is set to release on November 25 at Goodwill Entertainments Theater. News Propaganda-AS Dinesh.


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