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Take it for sure! Barca arrested “Kun” in hospital for a detailed examination of the heart

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Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero has been hospitalized for a thorough heart check. After having chest pain while playing La Liga on Saturday, October 30

The ex-Manchester City striker made his first appearance at Camp Nou since returning to the Bavarian League in the summer in a 1-1 draw with Alaves at home to manager Sergi Barjuan. The club’s B team served as the boss for the first time to replace Ronald Koeman, the Dutch coach who was attacked.

However, Aguero, who previously played for Atletico Madrid, was only 41 minutes on the pitch, shockingly fell to his chest. And finally had to walk out of the field for Philippe Coutinho to play instead.

to the problems of Latin stars It was revealed that he had fainting. and an arrhythmia, which caused Barcelona to send him to the hospital for a checkup And it was later stated that the tamarind puppet trader had a problem with an arrhythmia. But overall he’s fine.

Until recently, on October 31, Marca, the Bull’s media reported that the famous Catalan team will have Aguero stay at the hospital for at least another two days for him to undergo a thorough medical examination.

At the same time, Barça is not in a rush to get “Kun” back to training, or go on the pitch as they don’t want to risk him facing an abnormal heart problem.

Aguero has made just five appearances for Barça so far as he has been involved in a calf injury since pre-season. But opened the first score for the club already.

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