Kalasin organizes a boxing show with “Big Odd” pilot scores prepared to be used in all stages

“Big Odd” revolutionized scoring for transparency by showing the results in the first 3 rounds, testing the state of Kalasin. More effective than expected. In the future, the Boxing Act will be amended and applied to all arenas across the city. Chun Kham Knot is ready to be used in the 7-color wig arena. and show scores to develop the boxing industry

From the protests of boxing fans who are not satisfied with the decision of the judges which takes place in almost every arena Until recently, the Thai Sports Boxing Committee Office has spoken in many parties involved and there has been a change in the rules for judging the boxer’s score. Through the method of showing the scores of each referee to those watching boxing and watching boxing viewers see the results of the scores in each round, with the secondary being used in Kalasin Province. is the first province

for this “Big Odd” Khun Phalat Suwanmethakorn Director of the Thailand Sports Boxing Commission Revealed the change through the method of showing the score of each judge to those who watch the boxing to see the results of the score in each round. Now all items improve. Secondary was introduced to Kalasin Province as the first province. The change in the voting decision is one decision that many parties are looking at is that the decision is not fair at all. Various boxing masters, people watching at home, even foreign tourists who come to watch boxing do not understand why the rating is coming out like this and it is positive for many arenas which has happened like this.

“We invite the Chief Referee, Mr. Boxing Stadium and the referee to discuss and discuss how to make the award as accurate and fair as possible, especially the first event in Kalasin Province. which is a program that SAT participates in this program as well Took this to use, the feedback came out 90%, it was in good condition, it was accepted as a good thing. by the two directors 3 You will show the score to the audience to see how much for the red and blue side in the 1st round. But for the 4th and 5th round, no score will be shown to allow the Sian Muay home crowd to have a chance to win. Take only round 1,2,3 first, round 5, ready to break the score if back dancing only The referee will have to stop the fight temporarily, break the score to make the boxing more effective,” said the director of the Sports Bureau of Boxing.

Now, it is just an experiment. If there is a better response, it will be used in each step to be presented on various platforms. And he is going to have to amend the Act. competition rules If the rules can be resolved at each stage, it must be followed, which has been done for a long time and is already partially completed. and was recognized by the boxing industry for what is good and what is not

on the side “Chun Kiatphet” champion of the Kiatphet battle It was mentioned how to show the scores of each referee to those who watched the boxing session, see the results of the scores in each round, and be used in Kalasin Province. This is the first province for this matter to be discussed with the Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand that there will be a project to modify the scoring conditions of the referees by piloting it to be used in the province of Kalasin. Success is considered a good thing. . .

“If you haven’t fought yet I will have a supplementary measure by using a method to cut the boxer’s fee by 20% for the boxers who fight to give to the boxers who do good things for society if they come out in this form. I think that in the boxing stadium in Channel 7 and in the boxing stadium in Koh Samui, the 2 boxing stadiums that I am responsible for, will bring this good thing to’ w offer to help develop the boxing industry because I know our boxing industry is in the last Learning to be honest it’s very bad. A weapon is rarely given.” “Chun Kiatphet” say



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