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“Off Jumpol” is not serious, the fall decreased significantly. But the fans are still strong

is another young man to watch After the number of followers on Instagram dropped dramatically. until fans are addicted to hashtags on Twitter to express concern For a handsome young man like “Off Jumpon”, who recently had the opportunity to meet a young man “Off Jumpon”, the person who opened his mind was not serious. because even the total fallow will decrease But having fans who follow and still love each other is usually enough.

“I will go to a fan meeting in Japan. The song selection is now complete. Let’s meet there The first 2 days will be a trip to meet the media. Another day, go to Disneyland. Then the next day, I go shopping I go to work I only have 3 hours of shopping time Very little. I don’t have time to go anywhere around this time 2 days work is done at 3 PM Very little time Now the storm has reached Japan. everyone is safe Let’s go Amen There are updates all the time. Wait and see if the situation will go or not. I care about everyone. I want everyone to be safe and see you later.”

“Now prepare the song. Translate your own song into Japanese I will try to do it. Now the language is here But the brain is not. Let’s wait and see if (Kan Atthaphan) is right. If not, let’s go together (laughs) There is also a queue to practice together. Together, he is currently filming two dramas. Now you work harder than us. Before that, we worked harder. Before that, we also did a 7-day drama.”

“This is the first foreign fans meeting following the covids. Previously, together with 11 people, but this time it’s our time to shine. very excited for the first time in various situations where he disappeared Going to a country that I personally like a lot I stayed to absorb the atmosphere there. I miss the fans. After Japan, there is also Asia. but still can’t say because it hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

“Following numbers have dropped. I don’t know what caused that. I know it’s gone a lot, reduce 2-4 thousand a day. I think he may be able to get rid of the bots or not. Some people may not be active as well. I watched from everyone, it had fallen. I’m not serious about the result at all. how much will be lost Just to have people watching. I saw that the fans were worried on Twitter saying let’s go live. Please respond to the comments.”

“Actually, I saw that he’s been down for almost a month now. It has been down for a while Afraid to reduce more than this? Reduce it. Come back soon. No problem But some must be added. This is not the only reduction, grandma has been gone for a long time, and many people have been hit too. I’m not serious I think people now put too much value on numbers. We should give more to what it is. I saw a foreign country He gave too much value to numbers. Maybe the artist is stressed. But I’m not serious, so I don’t have any problems. Let’s meet at work as usual. It’s not the complete fallow, the missing person, this is stressful.”

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