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[iPhone 14]I wrote an article about getting a Mac-like startup sound when the power is turned on and off, so I actually tried it. “iPhone 14” This is a video of the startup / shutdown sound when turning on / off the power, and how to set it.

“iPhone 14” startup/shutdown sound when powering on/off

When the “iPhone 14” is turned on or off, the startup and shutdown sounds will sound like this.

This makes it easier to understand starting and shutting down the iPhone.

On the iPhone 14 Pro, press and hold the power button and the volume button at the same time. Press and hold the power button during startup.

“iPhone 14” How to set startup/shutdown sound when power on/off

iPhone 14 startup sound 20000

Select “Sound/Visual” from “Accessibility” in the “Settings” app.

Startup sound iphone 14 20001

Turn on the Power On / Off Sound setting.

It seems to be an “iOS 16” function, but it is a function of the “iPhone 14” series.

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