Kamchatka volcano approaches a major eruption | Show this morning’s news | 24 Nov ’22 : PPTVHD36

Kamchatka volcano approaching a major eruption | news showing this morning | 24 November ’22 Russian scientists have warned that the Kamchatka volcano is about to erupt at its worst in 15 years and may spew ash 15 kilometers into the sky #Russian Scientists #volcano This #PPTVNews #PPTVHD36 #Show news y this morning #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website. https://www.pptvhd36.com and Social Media channels Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PPTVHD36 Twitter : https://twitter.com/PPTVHD36 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ pptvhd36 / Line : https://lin.ee/fRsq0ip

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