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With more and more opportunities to carry laptops, tablets, etc. in a bag on a daily basis, many people may think, “I want to go out empty-handed for the holidays!” I found very comfortable and cool outerwear that I would definitely recommend to such people. It’s karrimor’s new outerwear “The Best Fitted Jacket”!

[Rhagolwg o’r llun o Karrimor “Built-in Best Jacket” (tapiwch y ddelwedd i’w gweld)]

Covering functionality and trends!

This product is a transitional jacket that plays two roles in one, a simple mountain parka and a multi-storage vest jacket. The gimmick is that the vest part is contained under the outer material of the mountain parka. .

↑ The front has a simple design, and you can choose from 2 ways with the best specifications that give you a sense of gear.

↑ The vest has 9 pockets of different sizes. Of course, you can also store your items inside the parka mount while keeping them in your pocket, so you can have peace of mind even when you’re worried about theft when traveling abroad!

As this is a sample, there may be differences in specifications.

↑ The front of the vest uses a backpack inspired buckle system that allows for a secure hold.

↑ There is an adjustment cord in the waist, so you can adjust the width of the garment.

↑ Non-combustible material is used for the outer material, making it useful in outdoor areas such as camping.

Originally created for outdoor fields, this jacket is perfect for city use. In recent years, high performance vests like fishing types have become a trend, so they are perfect from a fashion point of view! It can be said that it is a piece that makes adult holidays even more convenient and stylish.


built-in vest jacket

29,700 yen (tax included)

Photographed by Satoru Nakata

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