Khawaja left, clinging to religion; Friends avoiding champagne | Usman Khawaja

Fans applaud Australian captain Pat Cummins for joining Usman Khawaja, who had to stay away for religious reasons as his teammates exploded champagne to celebrate their landslide victory in the Hobart-Ashes series. The Australians exploded champagne to celebrate their victory after winning the fifth Test of the series 4–0. Usman Khawaja, the first Muslim to make the Australian national team, could not attend the ceremony due to religious reasons. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

Australia beat England by 146 runs in the fifth Ashes Test at Hobart. Australia won all four matches of the series, except the fourth Test, which ended in a draw, and won the series 4–0. Khawaja had to step aside while celebrating this victory. As a Muslim, Khawaja was absent from the celebration to avoid falling into alcoholism. The video of Pat Cummins intervening and stopping the champagne celebration and making Khawaja part of the celebration went viral on social media.

Despite playing only the last two Tests in the series, Khawaja celebrated his return to the national team by scoring two centuries.

‘Usman is a Muslim. So he does not like champagne falling on the body. That’s why Chappelle stopped celebrating and joined him, “said Australian captain Pat Cummins.

Khawaja also thanked his Australian teammates for stopping the champagne celebrations. ‘Even after watching this video, if my Australian teammates do not understand my consideration, then nothing else matters. They decided to replace me with champagne as part of the celebration. Such interactions and values ​​as a team are very important. I am sure our journey is on the right track, ”Khawaja tweeted.

English Summary: Pat Cummins’s gesture towards Usman Khawaja after Ashes victory wins hearts




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