Kim Sook “Hong Seok-cheon proposed to me in the past…I got married under the hood and asked me to go seduce a man”

Screen capture of KBS Joy ‘National Receipt’ broadcast © News 1

‘National Receipt’ Hong Seok-cheon vowed to take the lead to save the Itaewon commercial district.

In the 19th episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment show ‘National Receipt’, which was aired on the afternoon of the 14th, broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon and choreographer Hyojin-choi and 3MCs Song Eun-i, Kim Sook, and Park Young-jin continued their New Year’s Special 2nd episode.

On this day, Hong Seok-cheon said, “I made a body last year, so this year, I want to practice dancing and singing and perform on tour in gay clubs around the world.” Hong Seok-cheon succeeded in losing 12 kg by conducting a body profile shooting project for 101 days with health YouTuber Kim Gye-ran last year. He mentioned the look alike as the reason for working on the project with Gye-Ran Kim, and Hyo-Jin Choi also admitted that he resembled actor Lee Mi-Do himself and laughed.

Afterwards, Hong Seok-cheon drew attention by showing his sense of mission to save Itaewon’s commercial district, such as renting a building he owns cheaply or taking the lead in the meal kit business of small business owners. In particular, about the decision to close a restaurant in Itaewon due to Corona 19 and receiving moving messages from merchants, he recalled, “I found out about it because my younger brother showed me a photo while filming. It also evokes excitement.

Mentor Kim Kyung-pil, who watched this, advised, “The only person who can save Itaewon’s commercial district is Hong Seok-cheon. When the cultural icon Hong Seok-cheon appears, the commercial district will automatically improve.” I want to run a multifaceted space as a corporation,” he vowed and received support from 3MC and Hyojin Choi.

In addition, Hong Seok-cheon transparently disclosed the congratulatory money paid at the wedding of singer Lee Ji-hoon through receipt analysis. “I don’t have any hope of reaping it,” he said, and he said, “I set the congratulatory money at 200,000 won unconditionally. If you’re really close like Lee Ji-hoon, you pay 300,000 won,” Kim Sook said. Let’s get married. Let’s get married under the hood and let’s go flirt with a man'”, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, ‘National Receipt’ airs every Friday at 9:10 pm.


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