Kubicki’s Habeck-Putin comparison | Criticism from the Greens: “Frequently dangerous”

Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) has apologized to Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) for his comparison with Putin. Green politicians call Kubicki’s statements “unworthy”.

The deputy FDP chairman Wolfgang Kubicki has apologized “in all forms” to the Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) after a comparison with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. “To put him in a row with a wanted war criminal is complete nonsense and a derailment. That doesn’t work at all,” said Kubicki on Wednesday in Berlin. “Robert Habeck is an upstanding democrat and I’d rather argue with him about the matter than about defamation.”

In the talk show “Veto” on the platform “MASS TASTE TV”, Kubicki said, among other things: “Putin and Habeck have a similar conviction that the state, the leader, the chosen ones, know better than the people what is good for them. ” Habeck has a concept of freedom that “Vladimir Putin could easily translate to his own ruling milieu.”

outrage among the Greens

The comparison had caused outrage among the Greens: Sara Nanni, spokeswoman for security policy for the Greens, told t-online that Kubicki was known for pithy sayings. “But that’s not the usual Kubicki saying, that’s simply unworthy of a Bundestag Vice President.” Putin comparisons are always inappropriate.

Her Green colleague and budget politician Jamila Schäfer agreed when asked by t-online: “Wolfgang Kubicki seems to have lost all measure. His party owes it to the citizens to return to an objective debate on climate policy.” She warned: “It is extremely dangerous when the Bundestag Vice President compares a German government member with a war criminal.”

The coalition should take care of the problems in the country and not make absurd accusations against each other, said Jan-Niclas Gesenhues, spokesman for environmental policy for the Greens, t-online. After Kubicki’s apology, one must quickly return to factual politics. “The challenges are too great for constant coalition disputes.”