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With your own mood and routine, at work and at rest!

Logitech (branch manager Cho Jeong-hun), a company specializing in personal peripherals, announced that it is promoting a cooperation package with the contemporary beauty brand Huxley at Musinsa’s ’29CM’ online flavor selection store.

▲ Logitech, a brand collaboration with beauty brand Huxley

This brand collaboration is ‘work, rest, with my own tone and routine – WORK. PLAY. VIBE.’ as the main concept, and is expected to attract the attention of those who dream of a new change in daily life.

With the meeting between Logitech, which presents IT products with design and performance suitable for a fashionable lifestyle, and Huxley, a contemporary beauty brand that provides the best possible solutions for the skin concerns of modern people, many expectations are expected from those who follow a. a hybrid lifestyle. collects

To celebrate the collaboration, the 29CM online tab ‘Special Order’ will be running a single promotion with the theme ‘My Own Office with Sensual Trengar’ until the 26th of this month.

Logitech X Huxley Home Care includes Huxley lip balm, tone cream and mist for buyers of one Logitech ‘Brio 500’ webcam, ‘Zone Vibe 100’ Bluetooth headset, ‘Brio 300’ webcam and USB headset kit H390” is introduced in limited quantities.

Logitech Brio 300 and Brio 500 are new webcams released in Korea on the 13th. Brio 300 has a cone-shaped design and delivers high-quality Full HD 1080p 30 fps.

It features a wide viewing angle of 70° and a built-in privacy shutter. The Brio 500 is a webcam that responds effectively to the user’s movement and usage environment based on high definition Full HD 1080p 30 fps.

It is characterized by easy video sharing by supporting ‘Show Mode’, which moves the screen down when adjusted down.

Released together, the Zone Vibe 100 Bluetooth headset provides a comfortable fit with an over-the-ear design, clean sound quality and a flip-and-mute noise-cancelling microphone.

Each product has three color configurations: graphite, off white, and rose pink. The new colors of the H390 USB headset, which include white white and rose pink, were also released.

“We are very happy to collaborate with Huxley, a contemporary beauty brand that stimulates emotions in everyday life,” said Jo Jung-hoon, Logitech Korea Branch Manager, who expressed his feelings.

Huxley’s marketing team manager said, “It’s special because we can show synergy through fashionable collaborations that transcend categories.”

Reporter Jin Eun-young

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