Look at the news comments Bella quit Weir, the sympathetic voice trembles, wipes the tears instead, but there’s eh! At this point..

Look at the comments after Bella Ranee gave an interview to break up with Weir Sukolwat, netizens sympathize when speaking with a trembling voice. His eyes were so sad that he had to wipe away tears instead. But there is something for eh! At this point…

It is an issue that makes many people feel dismayed. After the actress Bella Ranee Interviewed that now he has reduced his status with Weir Sukolwat From lovers back to siblings already Confirm that there is no other person’s matter. And it’s definitely not a wedding. Because this story has the same perspective, it ends well, everything has a reason.

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While netizens took to comment on the Facebook page Je Moi 108 about this matter. Respect the decisions of both parties. And secretly pity the girl Bella who, when interviewed, has a trembling voice, but is still strong and smiles to calmly answer the reporters’ questions.

Some people have doubts at various points Bella interviewed, such as the story that Bella said when discussing the reduction of status at that time, there was no third party matter. So there may be now or not? The next point was when the reporter asked about the men renting a car in Nan province, to which Bella replied that she had not gone. not in the event and did not request a comment What does it mean ?

However, many people think that Bella’s interview may not be insightful. Just mean now who will have someone new, is that okay or not? While many people said they saw Bella smiling during the interview. But the one who wiped the tears instead was the fans themselves.

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