Madonna, 65, who couldn’t get out of the 2000s, has a tight, wrinkle-free face “obsessed with cheeks” [TEN할리우드]

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Pop star Madonna (65) showed a tight face without a single wrinkle, but the public was shocked by her face.

Madonna appeared as an award presenter at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards held at the Arena in Los Angeles, USA on the 6th (local time). Madonna drew attention as soon as she appeared because of her face. Madonna had a tight face without the slightest wrinkle, but it was unnatural and artificial, which raised many eyebrows.

Madonna also posted a photo of herself on social media that day. Fans who saw this showed reactions such as ‘Acknowledge your ageing’, ‘Cut off all the stylists around you’, and ‘I hope you take care of your mind more than your appearance’.

Not only that, foreign media also said on Madonna, “Madonna is obsessed with the ‘cheeks’ of her face. She does not want to deviate from her image in the 2000s.” An assistant to Madonna said, “She wants to look like the ‘2000s Madonna’. She said she wants to turn back time,” he said.

Madonna was a singer who had a profound impact on popular music around the world from the mid-1980s to the mid-2000s. He has a Queen of Pop adapter and has achieved first class commercial and musical success.

Jiye Choi, staff reporter at TenAsia

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