MAKRO “Nomura Patanasin” sees a high chance that the stock will enter MSCI this round.

#MAKRO #ThanHoon-Pattanasin Nomura Securities said it had to follow up on the results of MSCI’s quarterly rebalancing of stocks, which expected the shares of Siam Makro Public Company Limited or MAKRO to have a high chance of being included in the calculation. And it is expected to have an inflow of about 110 million US dollars.

Research Department Nomura Phatthanasin said that MSCI in this February round will be published on February 9 and have a closing price effect on February 28, which considers that MAKRO shares are very likely to be calculated. Although the forecast for the fourth quarter of MAKRO’s performance is expected to be 14% better than the market expectation, it is expected to be at 2.48 billion baht, growing 54% from the previous quarter. which comes from the wholesale business Same-store sales or SSSG are expected to grow 9%, while Lotus’s will grow 1% and gross profit will recover. Normalized profit in 2022 is expected to be 7.5 billion baht, growing 4%.

In 2023, profits are expected to be 13 billion baht, growing by 75%, driven by greater synergy between wholesale and retail businesses.

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