Mercedes F1 fined around 3.5 million yen for wearing Lewis Hamilton’s nose piercing / Singapore F1 GP[]

Lewis Hamilton has been penalized for wearing nose studs in qualifying for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix after submitting a medical exemption letter.

Hamilton, who finished qualifying at Marina Bay in a season-best third, previously removed jewelery while driving after a long-standing rule against wearing jewelery during track sessions was revealed in Miami, a rice field.

However, Lewis Hamilton visited the stewards after wearing a nose stud in Singapore.

The seven-time F1 world champion told them that doctors had advised him to keep the studs in rather than having them in and out for medical reasons.

FIA Deputy Medical Representative Dr Ian Roberts saw the medical report and agreed with that statement. As a result, the Stewards decided not to take further action.

However, it soon emerged that Mercedes F1 had submitted a self-inspection form stating that “drivers have complied with the requirement not to wear body piercing jewellery”. The stewards said this was wrong.

“The team manager explained that the team was not aware that Hamilton had a puncture,” explained the stewards.

“In recent events, Hamilton’s holes were removed before the tournament.”

“The team assumed, without consulting Hamilton, that he was following or would follow the same procedures in this incident.”

“The stewards acknowledge that the misstatement in this case was not willful or deliberate, but if the team had consulted with Hamilton before completing and submitting the statement, it would not have happened.”

“In view of these circumstances, the team will be fined €25,000.”

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