“Namtan Chalita”, the avatar informer, is direct and clear until “Moo Pimpaka” has to be warned.

We are mothers to take care of them! Counting that it has been a hundred plays. For the hottest beauty queen “Chalita sugar, the charming part” who is diligent, has hot issues, challenges the keyboard or the avatar Defeat all hot topics Lately, I would like to open my heart through the list. “Ma’am’s Table” Deep grinding through the mother host “Nu Mam Suriwipha” is straight and strong until mothers in the industry have to warn

“Namtan Chalita”, the avatar informer, is direct and clear until “Moo Pimpaka” has to be warned.

A dramatic person acting inappropriately like a beauty queen has to be done right?
Chalita Sugar: People will think that a beauty queen must be a woman. it has to be done I know people expect that. But I’m the complete opposite (laughs).

Most people will think that to be a beauty queen must live a luxurious life?
Chalita Sugar: I behave normally Eating on the street is nothing fancy. But it’s just that I have the opportunity to do more work to have a better chance than anyone else

How do you deal with drama every time?
Chalita Sugar: (Laughs) Until mothers in the industry sometimes say they’re light, if we’re not right, then block them. I’m not right, so I blocked.

How do you feel, doing everything wrong, not pleasing anyone?
Chalita Sugar: I feel that what I’m doing It wasn’t causing trouble for anyone and it wasn’t setting anyone’s house on fire or anything like that. So I felt that what I had done would have to attack me like this. In fact, at first I was offended. But I feel that people have many ideas. Hundreds of fathers and mothers were taught or brought up differently So I felt it could be honest like that. Maybe we are not honest with each other. We can’t change anyone’s mind. Let’s come to appreciate me in any way. I’m just a mouse, it doesn’t cause anyone trouble. I feel that I am more focused on myself.

Does it seem like we’re growing stronger inside?
Chalita Sugar: Seeing me as a strong person reacts, but in reality I am a person who is very sensitive to people’s words. Because maybe it’s because the family taught me about the state of mind something like this. So I felt every time there was drama, I was quite stressed as well. And it’s like being a person who doesn’t really know anything and doesn’t just judge. I just like it didn’t answer at all. Don’t make me angry for no reason. I answer the same.

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