Nara was brutal, found 1 more body, shot her in the head and left the river after 3 bodies were killed stuffed in the back of the car.

Another brutally murdered male body, shot in the head, was found abandoned in the Golok River after 3 unidentified bodies were found stuffed in the back of a sedan in a swamp in Waeng District, a total of 4 bodies. The police rushed to release the knot. Probably from drugs

At 6:30 am on February 22, 2023, Colonel Direk Chomyong, deputy chief of Narathiwat Provincial Police Station and Lieutenant Colonel Kiatnarin Khaw-on, deputy inspector of Waeng Police Station, participated with the staff of Foundation, Phai Than Nam Jai Su -ngai Kolok several administrative officers of the military police traveled to examine the case of the body of the deceased male Stuck in Hin Krachu near the Kolok River Irpaze House, Village No. 7, Kho Loh Subdistrict


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