Five charts reveal the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Bloomberg

The five charts below analyze how the Russian invasion affected Ukraine’s economy and how the country managed its wartime budget.

economic hardship

Ukraine’s economy has shrunk by a third

Even the collapse of the Soviet Union did not affect Ukraine’s economy as much as the Russian invasion

Source: Bloomberg

Russia’s aggressive behavior was an unprecedented blow to the Ukrainian economy. Gross domestic product (GDP) could grow by 0.3% this year amid weak economic activity, according to central bank projections. The economy is expected to pick up gradually once security risks subside.


Central Bank of Ukraine and USA Top Donors List

Ukraine’s budget received $51.3 billion in funding from bonds, loans and grants

Source: Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Ukraine relied on domestic and foreign resources for its war budget last year. Domestically, war bonds issued by the central bank and the Ministry of Finance were the main support. The biggest foreign supporters were the United States, the European Union (EU), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

domestic finance

Central Bank Support to Government ends

The government of Ukraine can no longer rely on the central bank to continue buying bonds as it did last year

Source: Ukrainian Ministry of Finance and central bank

Ukraine’s central bank, which played a key role in financing the country’s budget in the months after the invasion, cut bond purchases to zero in January. The government’s hope is that additional support from the financial authorities will not be required.

military assistance

Military Aid Provided to Ukraine Since the Start of the War

US is by far the biggest contributor

Sources: US Department of Defense, UK Parliament, German government, Polish Ministry of Defence, Canadian Government, SVT TV, Australian Ministry of Defence, Norwegian Government, Australian Government

Ukraine receives the largest amount of military aid from the United States. In Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland were high.


Ukraine War Reparations

Ukraine estimates war-related damages totaling $136 billion

Source: Center for Economic Strategy of Ukraine

Ukraine estimates that civilian homes were hardest hit by Russian missile and artillery attacks. Roads, bridges, power lines and power plants were also targeted. Environmental damage has also been devastating, with land mines polluting land and Black Sea dolphins being killed by naval operations.

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