‘Niphon’ came out to support the construction of the Chana Industrial Estate. point out most people minority of objection No matter how much I say, I don’t understand

‘Niphon’ came out to support the construction of the Chana Industrial Estate. poverty alleviation Tell most people Only a small part of the objection No matter how much I say, I don’t understand

At 1:10 p.m. on December 7, at the Government House, Mr. Niphon Boonyamanee, Deputy Minister of the Interior Talking about the progress of the Chana Industrial Estate Project, Songkhla Province, that this project is in the process of being under the relevant laws. which the law states that EIA must be done first It must be said to go through the steps. However, there are two aspects of this project: if you are concerned about the environment, you need to look at the environment and make sure it happens. But if you say that this area can’t do anything must be considered as a general investment If the private sector is interested in investing, it must be considered whether he is ready to comply with the law or not. If the law to do EAI or do EHIA must complete

When asked if, as a local, would be able to talk and understand with the villagers? Mr. Niphon said It is better to leave it as a process of officials and related agencies. let go step by step even if they are people in that area Let’s go listen to most people in the area.

“In the case of a group of people protesting in front of the palace It must also be asked to consider how the project must comply with the legal procedures. Because the law already stipulates that in any case, the EIA must be done. When to do EHIA must act in accordance with applicable law This fact has been discussed for many years. Since around 2016, before this government comes again.” Mr. Niphon said

When asked that the group of people who did not agree with the project came to claim in front of the palace. and accused Niphon himself to collect the deeds for the capitalists. Mr. Niphon said As for the land, if the private sector is interested, he has the right to act like a general matter, but when the land is collected You have to follow the legal process anyway.

When asked whether Niphon himself was involved in collecting the land as alleged or not. Mr. Niphon said Many of the people who gathered were in his right. because the collection of land is not illegal But if doing a factory and not following the legal procedure, that is an issue.

Mr. Niphon said The part that accused him of being the person who gathered the land If he asks him if he agrees with the project or not. He agreed to go in and do that land. Since the land in Chana District is difficult to grow anything, it is sandy.

When asked to show that Mr Niphon agrees with this project, he collects the land for the private sector. Mr Niphon said that yes. Initially, he asked me if I could do it or not. I said I could But to allow it or not? must comply with the law I wasn’t a minister at the time. At that time he was in a position other than minister. which this project started thinking since 59

When asked to reiterate that the personal reason for collecting the land was because he wanted to see how Chana district develops, Mr Nipon said. I think that this project will be beneficial to Chana district. There will be employment. We have to admit that Chana district is a security area. It is an area of ​​4 districts of Songkhla province. It is stated that whoever is going to invest will receive special privileges. because they want to find people to invest a lot Because there are bombs and unsafe activities, so encouraging people to invest by giving privileges. The private sector wants to invest Villagers will have jobs.

“That structure, I agree. And clearly, in the southern border provinces, we have already solved the problem in terms of education, infrastructure. Insecurity in life and property is much better than before. Now the only problem left is the poverty of the people. Therefore, making the local people have jobs. I consider it one of the solutions in the southern border provinces that I have studied for more than 20 years.” Mr. Niphon said

When asked if the benefits are greater or not? Mr. Niphon said This is what most people support. Children who have graduated now come to work in Bangkok in the eastern region because there is no investment in the area. no employment instead of this group of people in the area to develop but no chance SAO therefore came up with this project in order to have a job.

When asked how to understand the objector Mr. Niphon said need to talk In the area, they are doing each other. They are Jana people. They know that there are conversations in the area. But there is a group of people who do not understand what they say. then what to do

When asked if the Prime Minister had inquired about the matter in the Cabinet or not, Niphon said The prime minister has spoken several times that he supports moving forward. but must be made in accordance with legal procedures only

When asked repeatedly whether the Prime Minister had to move forward or not Mr. Niphon said The Prime Minister did not order anything else. The process is still legal.

“In the project, he said everything about how useful it was. the story explains But if you don’t try to listen, it’s hard. to have people come in and create jobs This is a big issue that villagers want. but admits that there is a part that wants to continue fishing This is respect Because I myself come from a family of fishermen. But not all children have to go fishing. There might be a better alternative.

“Agreed, not only me. But many people can go and ask if they agree or not. but he doesn’t want to come and talk to each other If you go to the survey, I believe that 80-90% agree with the minority who oppose this. Try to follow up in the area.

“I believe that most people who send their children to higher education He wants his children to have a job. In this area, let’s not just do industrial estates. The cashew nut planting has not yet been planted. to see the real area Palm planting does not have to be planted. because it is sand I don’t know if there will be rubber latex or not.” Mr. Niphon said

When asked what is the reason for collecting the title deeds? Mr. Niphon said Private, he has been interested in this project for a long time since 1993 and 1994 and the educational guidelines of the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council to make a deep sea port. Appropriate by physical geography As for collecting the title deeds, it is not illegal. who can collect He knew who was gathering. which private, if anyone gathered to send, he took As for the news that he was going to put pressure on it Seen as a condition that is linked to a political issue even though it’s not political But it is a matter of the suitability of the project or not. We know that development projects It has both possible and negative. But how to do it to remove as little as possible? This is the development principle.

When asked again that the allegations of being a land broker. Mr. Niphon said He did it all It’s not about the project, it’s wrong or right, and the land broker has the law to support it. There is a brokerage fee but he is not a broker Not a broker But if anyone would buy He contacted him to get to know each other and talk himself, and he did not deny that there was an acquaintance to talk to. because he knew a lot of people because Chana district was his hometown. He was born in Na Thap district, studied and grew up there. but did not order them to proceed He knew the people there, and he knew the land because the land there was mostly used to grow watermelons. It can’t be planted with anything else.


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