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The new iPad Pro and Mac, expected to be released by Apple in the near future, will not be announced at the event, and next year’s “iPhone 15 (tentative name)” will not adopt fingerprint authentication from under the screen ( Touch ID ), according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports.

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Among the products expected to be released by Apple in October are the next iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and Apple TV. The next iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are expected to have the “M2” chip, and the next Apple TV is expected to have the “A14” chip and more RAM capacity.

However, according to this report, these products will not be announced at the event, but in press releases, media briefings, updates to Apple’s online store, etc.

The iPhone 15 series is expected to adopt a system that allows unlocking and payment through Touch ID, which touches the screen like some Android smartphones. According to this report, Apple continues to test the system, but it seems that it will not be used in the iPhone 15 series.

In addition, the report also reports that Apple has tested the sleep tracking function of the “HomePod” smart speaker. However, the feature is unlikely to be available to the public. It’s also interesting to see what Apple plans to do with the HomePod in the future.

Source: Bloomberg via MacRumors

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