No place in Kiwis XI; 1 lakh for Santner without bat and ball | Santner Wins Rs. 1 Lakh

Mumbai: The Kiwis’ replacement has won the Rs 1 lakh award, surpassing the 22 players who played for New Zealand and India in the Mumbai Test. Mitchell Santner, who came to Wankhede as a replacement, overtook the other players to win the Rs 1 lakh award. Santner won the Rs 1 lakh award for saving five runs for New Zealand during the match.

India won the toss and elected to bat, batting first in the first innings. William Somerville bowls the 47th over of the Indian innings. India’s Shreyas Iyer, who was at the crease, lifted the ball to the boundary with a deep mid-wicket.

Substitute Mitchell Santner, who was fielding near the boundary, blocked the shot with great dexterity, making sure the ball bounced off the boundary. Due to Santner’s adventurous performance, India got only one run from Iyer’s brilliant shot.

Mitchell Santner’s rescue was selected as the best serve of this Test match. So, the ‘Save of the Match’ award and the prize of Rs.

English Summary: How substitute fielder Mitchell Santner won INR 1,00,000 for saving a 6 in India vs New Zealand 2021 Mumbai Test



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