Nok Wanida opens up after being mistaken for drug use until her life was ruined

What was the punishment then?

No : It is considered an extreme crisis for myself and I think there is nothing more extreme than that. But we hurt ourselves. And at that time we were sentenced to 14 months, but suspended, to tell the truth, the punishment was not that big at the time, but the news was heavy. The news came that we were even trading. and in selling it we accept that he uses it as it happens

How does it affect life?

No : Life at that time affected everything, there was no light at all, I didn’t know how to start. Blame yourself for why it is like this. When we try to do our best but it turns out to be the worst. Fortunately, I have a family, a mother and children who understand and care for the hearts of family members. At that time, we worked so hard that we had to use drugs. And at that time, my half-year-old daughter had to undergo three surgeries which was stressful for us. Until trying to make money and doing everything on your own that comes to using drugs because we have to work to earn money Until I forgot it was very wrong. and hurt yourself too

Do you understand that society is against us?

No : At the time we were working. and cause damage to some organizers as well what he has already done, the capital has already gone down with us But we couldn’t keep his work online, we understood. At that time , he didn’t dare leave the house at all. Thinking only about how we will go on with our lives, mothers and children, what we are responsible for must do next. And from now on, where do we get the money for him? and we also made mother stressed Because not everyone thinks we are like this, everyone is scared. I didn’t even dare to look at my child’s face.

To the point of short thinking?

Bird: No, I only know that today I fell like this. But we must rise. Because we have a mother and child with a child to support. Mum told us to go out. Don’t just think about how other people will feel about us. And when we tried it, we realized it was exactly what it said. Because the people from outside who came to us, encouraged us. The more we meet people who support us. Everyone opened their arms to receive us. It felt even more wrong. Like we hurt him too. with those who love us


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