‘Oil thieves’ rise across the U.S.


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Oil prices are skyrocketing in the US as well.

As unprecedented high oil prices continue, oil thieves are on the rise across the United States.

It is said that the method is becoming more and more daring.

Correspondent Lee Yong-ju of New York delivers.

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A man hurriedly escapes from the floor in the back of a parked truck.

A dangerous situation with the upper body on fire.

It rolls on the floor, barely extinguishes the fire, and leaves the scene in another vehicle.

He sneaked under the truck to get the oil out, drilled a hole in the fuel tank, and sparks ignited his body.

[트래비스 밀스 / 주유소 사장]

“I tried to drain the oil with a siphon, but it didn’t work, so I decided to drill a hole in the fuel tank. Then it caught on fire.”

A gas station in Virginia.

Even in the middle of the night after closing, there was a line of cars waiting to fill up the oil.

They hacked and operated the gas pump remotely, and gathered people with an SNS message telling them to sell gasoline at half price.

The earned money amounted to 13,600 dollars, or 18 million Korean won.

[브래드 웨슬러 / 버지니아 해안 경찰]

“After I sold the oil, I got my money through the money transfer app. After that, everything was as usual. I got the oil, but apparently there were no problems.”

Oil thieves are on the rise.

In the past, it was mainly aimed at individual vehicles, but recently it is targeting the entire gas station.

It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with rising oil prices.

A gas station in Manhattan, New York. The price of gasoline per gallon is well over $6.49 for regular and $7 for premium. U.S. gasoline prices have been climbing high every day, surpassing $5 per gallon for the first time on the 11th.//

President Biden is scheduled to meet with oil company executives soon, and he is also planning to visit Saudi Arabia, which has been blushing over human rights, to request an increase in production.

However, the outlook for oil to break above $6 per gallon in the summer, when demand for oil is growing, is still unaffected.

This is Lee Yong-joo of MBC News from New York.

Video coverage: Ahn Jung-gyu/New York/Video editing: Kwon Na-yeon

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