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Varithachayan’s eyes are fixed on the screen of his mobile phone. It’s ten at night. What reforms are taking place in this world. A time when time and distance didn’t matter. When Eliamma received the last sacrament and was then taken to the family grave in the cemetery, Matthew, the only child, was seen running from place to place holding the mobile phone. Then someone told me. The party was busy showing off his better half and only child in Qatar for the quick burial! Achayan recalled that when he was a school teacher, he used to shout slogans during protests against computers. Our line has always been a philosophical disagreement against modern development and the unemployment it causes. So, it’s still a bad club to bet on there. He does not allow anyone from the outside to ask and understand the revolutionary energy that has not yet been extinguished.

When he arrived, Mathai was very busy. So busy that there is not even time to sing the Oppies and give the sacrament. All the people who found out about the death started hurrying to take their father with them, and it was a terrible panic. As soon as the prayers of the first days were over, he knew that his swellings were multiplying. Without asking for anything. The rule is to call it ‘if you come with it’!

Arumapputra wasted no time and took the next flight after the 60-year-old Itchikan from Dhagepally, who had started a fish business on loan and closed it due to covid. However, he left without a word before leaving. Trisa will be back as a baby soon. The next plane with dad!

Do not say bad, before long, dressed as Navoda, with all the black holes in the lotus face, melasakalam, Athar and Waripushi Tresa, there is a Madiri Kozhuthur puppet advertisement set up in the streets near the Lusail Stadium during the football match- foot The child sat in the car while scribbling on the mobile phone in his hand and did not open his eyes to the outside world.

In the following days, the house and its surroundings were filled with the smells of roasting and burning meat. It is true that the work is at least for the time being done for the two or three who were knocked down that day. Whatever it was, it felt good. Meanwhile, one day in the evening, as usual, Bablukuttan, who came back from eating Kadayapam, saw a large cotton ball mixed with black and white in his hand instead of a mobile phone. When you look around, it has movement. It was true that it took time for Ichiri to realize that it was only Shunaka that was clinging to the young man’s hand with Aruma. AC After getting out of the car, AC is next to him. Chekan was running into the room with Shwanan. It’s true that every dog ​​has a day! However, it turned out to be a mixed bag.

At the time of Achayana, I remembered the lame swans with broken legs, the swans that were hit by a truck and a bus and eaten by worms, and the short-lived swanakumaris who made childbirth a daily chore in the empire where the was the rash and the rash. the like had not yet come into force. There was chavalipatti in the home of Achayan, who was used to eating only snails and fish. Although she didn’t want to stand up straight, her name was Rani. Still, because of the charm of the name, day after day and night, when there was a crowd of people on the street and those who were his friends, the subjects including himself wrapped the clean Maharani in a sieve and ‘to transport beyond Katua Ela.

The name of our new guest is a combination of the name of the glorious country, Japan, and another name that does not fit the mouth. Hmm..Remember…Japanese chin! Bablukuttan named the offspring Tintumon and Aruma. He was then named Chappa. However, there is a sense of relief. Tintumon’s bark is barely heard outside. It is doubtful whether he can be called a dog, who is always thinking of something. The truth is that it took four or five days for Achayan, who had lost his sense of space after hearing the price of Shunakan, and jumped out amidst the heroism and speeches of Tresa, who was in front of the hungry diners in Daghepalli! If it is small, it will not be placed on earth with the new incarnation. What can be said other than meeting every birth.

Week one is over. Sometimes you can hear a whisper between the son and his better half. Not without feeling that something was wrong. ‘Maunam Vidwan Bhushanam’ is Eliamma’s admonition before closing her eyes. That truth jumped out of Bubblekuttan’s mouth at two o’clock. The return trip is next Sunday. Since it’s Christmas and New Year, airline ticket prices are on fire now. It is up to thirty thousand per person. Say what!

The next confirmation came when the workers asked about their father’s future. Dad will be taken after Bablukutan board exam. Meaning: Achat!

Then Bablukuttan said remembering each one. This time he takes Tintumon with him. On the same plane. Dogs are not required to be airlifted from all airports. So till Ernakulam in an air conditioned car. From there AND in the train. Division to Bangalore. That’s where Tintumon in Kanchanakoot flies to Qatar with his happy family sitting next to him!

Although it was against conscience, it had to be taken from Kochan in the end. I heard that Shunakan seat price is two lakh, including father and mother! But that’s not the problem for the boy. Once in Qatar, Tintumo is quarantined for a week! Chekan wasn’t crying when he said that. Anyway, Shwanan crossed the sea with a birth certificate certifying that he was born alone.


Varithachayaan is now watching the happy moments of Tintumonekanda Bablukuttan who came to the apartment after quarantine with the help of a family member from Dhagepally on his mobile phone. I didn’t know how much time had passed. Ittichen came to the side with tablets of stable sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. After pouring them into his mouth and drinking the green water of the nearby mountain, Achayan drew a cross and prayed.

Valkasnam:- Achayani is now inside the Boeing Qatar Airways plane, which is soaring through the blue sky above the silver clouds. Achayan saw the queen with a shudder inwardly at the dullness of the empty overprints seen through the window. That old queen, who was carried by the tiger beyond the cardamom, was wrapped in a rotten sieve, because of the disturbance of the dogs of the land!

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