Open the story of “Kruba Kai”, the 30-year-old abbot. It is said that the villagers have high wisdom, ear and eye.

Recently, there has been a popular trend in the yellow cloth industry again. Behind the famous temple in the northeastern region “Kruba Kai” Phrakru Suwit Chinwaro, who has many pupils respect and respect As for the news that makes it more known It came from looking for an elephant that fell into the forest in September last year. and talk about clairvoyance seers The more people have more believers. But recently, it has become known throughout the country. After the images leaked, evidence of inappropriate behavior surfaced online. However, pupils of relatives who believe in themselves “Kruba Kai” They came out to support and protect. it is necessary to monitor the hot issues mentioned above and wait for further proof

Kruba Kai life path : Phra Khru Suwit Chinwaro

Biography Biography Kruba Kai, Phrakru Suwit Chinwaro was born on Tuesday, December 22, 1992, Ban Nong Kan Lueang, Manja Khiri District, Khon Kaen Province, has four siblings, Kruba Kai is the youngest of the four siblings .At the age of 6, he studied.Books at Wat Non Sila He graduated from Ban Nong Kan Lueang, Manja Khiri District, Khon Kaen Province, 12 years later, he continued his Dharma studies at Pa Si Manja Khiri Temple. Ban Nong Mai Died and was ordained as a novice in 2005 at Khok Sawang Temple, Suan Mon Sub-District, Manja Khiri District, Khon Kaen Province, with Luang Pu Sathian Ban Nong Hai as the preceptor.

Afterwards, he went on a pilgrimage with Reverend Grandfather Khieam Sorayo, Tham Kham, Phanat Nikhom District, Sakon Nakhon Province. At the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk on December 22, 2012 at Pa Nong Plaeng Temple, Manja Khiri District, Khon Kaen Province, with provost Sathit Samanakhun (Luang Por Samarn Thawaro), abbot of Manja Khiri District On the other hand, Thammayut was the preceptor who was nicknamed “Shinwaro” means “The Noble Winner” when he was ordained in the Buddhist Lent at Wat Pa Sorayo (Wat Pa Ban Khum Din) Ban Khum Din, Mancha Khiri Khon Kaen District

Currently, the temple has been renovated and is the abbot’s. Wat Pa Pathom Thewa Burapharam, Ban Pa Phu, Suan Mon Sub-District, Mancha District Khiri Khon Kaen For Phrakru Suwit Chinwaro or “Kruba Kai”, 30 years old, he has been ordained in the shadow of the Saowaphat for more than 10 years, when the villagers went digging to find out exactly what Krugba Kai had pointed out Made many villagers believe and believe that Kruba Kai had wise ears and wise eyes.

There is a rumor from the villagers that Kruba Kai is believed to have high wisdom, wise ears, and good eyes. In the past, he helped villagers from illness. From sitting in visions of the monks instead of the patient When the villagers went to dig, they found him and recovered after digging up the Buddha image. Until it became a rumor from the villagers.

Why was it called Kruba?

This may be another question that many people think. Why do you have to call Kruba because he looks young? Learn knowledge and manners. It is a word used to refer to a highly respected monk and is mainly used to refer to a Buddhist monk. In addition, in some areas in the north-eastern region, it is used to refer to monks who do good things for society. is respected and his faith is widely accepted Which today, the disciples often call the monks who are highly respected as Kruba.

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