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PDP proposes to use PTT’s profits to freeze diesel prices, Deputy Prime Minister insists it can’t be done

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25 Nov 2021 17:40

The Democratic Party, the Central Parliamentary Assembly, proposes to use PTT’s profits to freeze the price of diesel fuel, while Deputy Prime Minister Supattanaphong Jangyip is unable to point out that if doing so, the risk is contrary to the law. and affect the shareholders

On November 25, 21, at the National Assembly, there was a meeting of the House of Representatives with Mr. Chuan Leekpai, the Speaker of the House of Representatives. act as the chairman of the meeting By considering the live question of Mr. Akradej Wongpitakrot, Ratchaburi MP, Democrat Party Ask about high diesel prices. The group of transport operators wants to stay no more than 25 baht per liter, not set a ceiling price of 30 baht per liter, should use the fuel fund mechanism. Control the price of diesel not to exceed 25 baht per liter not to affect the price of transportation. Consumer goods prices PTT has a profit in the third quarter as high as 80,000 million baht. PTT is a state enterprise should take care of the people. Not just for profit Will there be a profit policy to compensate the people for diesel fuel or not? will maintain benefits for the energy capital group that has worked in the past or maintain benefits for the people

Mr. Supattanapong Punmeechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, clarified that PTT is a state-owned enterprise, despite having a profit of 80,000 million baht in the three quarters, but has liabilities of 1.5 trillion baht after deducting expenses. PTT left a profit of 50,000 million baht, having a profit of 80 billion baht is not just about oil. but including other businesses That competes with the private sector as well. In the past, PTT has helped many society about taking care of people PTT is second to none. profit taking part PTT to freeze the price of oil is impossible Because the government only owns 62%, there are other shareholders if used against the law.

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