Played in Thailand for 3 matches! S. Ball adjusts the secret queue of war elephants before entering the Asian Cup qualifying

S. Lukthong prepares to adjust the secret queue of the Thai national team, a large set, warm 3 matches in all of Thailand Aiming to warm at Sisaket 1 match on 27 May duel Turkmenistan In addition, ready to invite 1 Thai League club to warm up the horseshoe with the war elephants before flying to Uzbekistan Go to the Asian Cup qualifiers in early June next.

Movement of the army “War Elephants”, the Thai national team, under the supervision of Mano Polking, with “Madam Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam as the team manager. After the official announcement of the lockdown of the first team’s two preseason games on 27 and 31 May 65 before flying to Uzbekistan To go to the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying round 3 that

Most recently, “Big Joe” Patit Suphaphong, secretary-general of the Football Association of Thailand. Has come out to reveal through the media that said “At present, the first team will continue to warm up for 3 games as before, but may adjust the plan to not warm up to cover up in Uzbekistan. and add a program to kick in Thailand instead with the Thai League club, the other 2 games on 27 and 31 May, waiting to agree on the details before confirming again It is expected that the game on May 27 will be a kick-off in Sisaket Province.

“However, the team that will compete with the Thai national team is expected to be the Turkmenistan team ranked 134 in the world, who will have a queue to compete in the Asian Cup qualifiers. in Malaysia during the month of June, but We have to wait for confirmation from the Football Association one more time.

For the program of the Thai national team, the big team in the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying round 3, Group C in Uzbekistan, consisting of June 8, 65, Maldives, June 11, 65 Sri Lanka and on June 14, 65, meet host Uzbekistan, if the “war elephant” army can qualify for the finals. going to kick in China Between 16 June – 16 July 66 next

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