Prime Minister Truss Says Chancellor Kwartengu Has Decided To Abolish Top Tax – Bloomberg

The British Prime Minister, Truss, said that the plan to get rid of Britain’s controversial main income tax rate was Chancellor Kwarteng’s decision, and the government will stick to the policy despite the market turmoil.

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Mr Truss’s stance will fuel further discontent among Conservative MPs about Mr Truss’s leadership and the economic policies he and Mr Quarteng are pursuing as the ruling Conservative Party’s annual convention opens in Birmingham on Wednesday.

Former prime minister Michael Gove has made it clear he will not support the bill when it is finally brought to parliament, saying it would benefit the highest income earners Britain. Like Gove, many other Conservative MPs have criticized such plans as being exploited by Labour. The Labor Party now leads the Conservatives by a wide margin in opinion polls.

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However, Prime Minister Truss has expressed his intention to stick to the plan.

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