Sergio Perez, F1 Singapore GP victory confirmed with 5 second penalty + caution[]

Sergio Perez (Red Bull Racing) received a five-second penalty and reprimand for two safety offenses against a car at the 2022 F1 Singapore Grand Prix, but his victory at Marina Bay was upheld by the stewards.

Sergio Pérez was recorded as failing to catch ten cars during two separate safety car periods, from laps 8 to 10 and from laps 36 to 39 in the second half of the race, and was handed over to the stewards after the race and summoned

In the first place, while the safety car lights were on, Sergio Pérez was admitted to failing to stay within ten car distances, in accordance with the race leader’s mandate. A similar offense was established in the second example.

However, in the first instance, the stewards gave Perez “relaxing circumstances” given the wet conditions and reprimanded him. .

The second case was the repeated violation of article 55.10 by Sergio Pérez, following a specific warning from the Race Director, for which the stewards imposed a five-second penalty.

However, Sergio Pérez was unaffected by the time penalty as he took the checkered flag 7,595 seconds ahead of second place Charles Leclerc.

“There was a bit of a misunderstanding,” said Sergio Perez after visiting the stewards’ office.

“Where he was able to keep up with the safety car, he was very slow.”

“But I don’t think these conditions are normal. It is completely understandable that the conditions we faced were very difficult, especially in the final sector.”

“The stewards were satisfied with my explanation and understood.”

Sergio Perez F1 GP Singapore

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