Qatar World Cup丨Win but still out, Uruguay misses round of 16 – Xinhua

Original title: Qatar World Cup | Uruguay missed the round of 16

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, December 2 (Reporters Yue Ranran and Zheng Xin) The final round of the Qatar World Cup Group H ended on the 2nd. Although the Uruguayan team defeated the Ghanaian team 2-0, they scored less goals than the South Korean team. Third in the group and missed the round of 16.

In the first two rounds of Group H, Portugal secured 6 points and qualified earlier than expected. Ghana came second in the group with 3 points. South Korea and Uruguay scored 1 point. If Uruguay want to progress to the round of 16, they need to win while hoping Portugal don’t lose to South Korea.

In the 16th minute, Qudus from the Ghanaian team was brought down by the Uruguayan goalkeeper, Lochte in the penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty kick through the video assistant referee (VAR) Andre Ayew took the penalty kick, there was a direction Lochte is correct. The ball was saved and the Ghanaian team missed an opportunity to score.

The Uruguayan team turned on the goal switch after saving the day. In the 26th minute, Suarez received a long pass from his teammate on the right, and a strong shot was saved by the goalkeeper, De Alascata scored with a header and Uruguay led 1:0.

In the 32nd minute, the Uruguayan team made a cross from the right, and De Alaskeita came on the left side of the penalty area and scored, completing the “double circle”. Uruguay went into the second half with a two goal advantage.

In the 57th minute, Nunes from the Uruguayan team was tripped by Amatey, and the referee ruled that the ball was not a penalty through VAR.

In another match in the same group, South Korea scored a goal in stoppage time to lead Portugal 2:1. The points rose to second in the group while Uruguay slipped to third in the group, but as long as Uruguay scores another goal, they will win Can return to second with a goal difference advantage.

After that, the Uruguayan team launched a fierce attack on the gate of the Ghanaian team, but the goalkeeper of the Ghanaian team performed bravely and did not give another chance to the Uruguayan team. The score of 2:0 was maintained until the end. In the end, the victorious Uruguay team missed the top 16, and the Portuguese team joined the South Korean team to advance.

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