Recommended white gaming laptop for the price! MSI GF66 A12UD Sword White: Dana and DPG Challenge My Heart

Hello. This is Gu9.

Meanwhile, when I think of the MSI GF series, I often think of laptops with a robust matte black exterior and a keyboard with passionate red LEDs. As this 6th generation design came in, two designs were added, the GF series with a blue LED keyboard that paints a neat white color and reminds you of a crystal. Let’s take a look at the rough and white sensitivity and how good the gaming performance is!

product specifications

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MSI GF Series Sword GF66 A12UD White (SSD 512GB) Shortcut


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I was able to receive it in a yellow box with the same design as the GP76 reviewed last time. I believe the gaming series is united with this design.

package configuration

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The laptop box includes the laptop body, power adapter, power cable, quick start guide and safety and warranty card.

(As a rental product, the actual product and composition may differ.)


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The white housing gives a brighter feel, creating a light but clean feel unlike other gaming laptops. In particular, compared to the design of the MSI logo prominently in gray on black laptops, the intaglio on the home of this product makes it less noticeable.

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Charge / Type USB – A x 2

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AudioCombo / USB Type – A / USB Type – C / HDMI / LAN

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The bottom plate has a dragon armor design, so it looks reminiscent of armor, and heat pipes and parts are confirmed through vents that are drilled here and there. I’m sure there are lots of holes for air to pass through, so I think the cooling will be smooth.

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An adapter supplying 20V 9A 180W is enclosed.


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It offers a 15.6-inch IPS panel, 250 Nits, and 144 Hz specifications. The monitor can be connected to the display using HDMI.

Hinge that extends to 180 degrees

A hinge that extends up to 180˚ makes it easy to share screens while working.


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In my opinion, the keyboard is the point of this product in my opinion. The blue LED-applied keyboard goes very well with the white housing, which seems to greatly increase satisfaction with the product.


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The CPU is an Intel i7-12700H, the GPU is an Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti Laptop, and the built-in Intel Xe Graphics is used.

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M/B is MS-1584, and RAM is DDR4 3200MHz 8GB x 2.


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The i7-12700H is a 14-core, 20-thread (6P + 8E) structure like Intel’s Elder Lake laptop CPU line with Big Little architecture. Based on Cinebench R23, multi-14281 points and single 1702 points show performance close to high-end CPUs applied to personal computers.

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M.2 Nvme SSD is 2450 Micron. It shows decent performance at 3500 MB/s for both reading and writing.

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When I downloaded Steam games by connecting to the 5GHz wireless band of the AX2004BCM WiFi 6 router, it showed a fast download speed of 83.5MB/s.

FireStrike / TimeSpy

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Power from Firestrike and Time Spy was tested using the AI ​​power option while charging. Tolerable games show numbers with performance that can be enjoyed at 144Hz by moderately compromising on options.

A game

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I’ve played pack games and Battlegrounds. It showed a smooth environment and was able to confirm that it had adequate performance.

fan noise

CPU/GPU 50% about 25dB

CPU/GPU 70% about 40dB

CPU/GPU 100% about 55dB


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I played Watch Dogs Legion with 144Hz (Brightness: 100%), Power: Smart Auto (MSI Center), Sound 30%, and Keyboard LED Off. It shows the way to the point of being discharged in 30 minutes, so if you lower the brightness of the screen and do tasks that do not require a lot of power, such as web surfing, you can use it for about 3 an hour.

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Right after the battery test (30 minutes of gameplay), I measured the temperature of the keyboard and the top plate. The temperature of the central and top vents is 45 degrees, and the wad, which often raises fingers, is 40 degrees, so it was not surprising that my fingers were hot when playing games.

overall degree

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MSI Sword GF66 A12UD White is a cost-effective gaming laptop with Intel i7-12700H and Nvidia RTX 3050Ti. I showed you

In particular, the combination of white + blue LED keyboard came out well enough to say that it is very pretty because the look is well combined, and it is believed that the hinge that extends up to 180 degrees and configuration the extensive USB port. is sufficient even when various peripherals are installed, so it also has convenience.

However, it seems that those looking for the best combination will be disappointed with the fact that the usage time is short with less battery capacity than other laptops, and the CPU is applied with high-end model, but the GPU is qualified with a mid-range GPU.

Still, as long as you can meet a high-end CPU at an affordable price!

If you want to enjoy games and work moderately, why not MSI Sword GF66 A12UD White?

It was produced as an activity of MSI laptop fans.

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