Remembering DJ Ko Trin Ruangkitratanakul: A Tribute to His Life and Legacy

Entertainment Industry Mourns the Loss of DJ Ko Trin Ruangkitratanakul

It was a devastating blow for the entertainment industry as they received the news of the passing of DJ Ko Trin Ruangkitratanakul last week. The sudden demise of DJ Ko sent shockwaves through his colleagues and fans, who just that morning had heard him hosting a radio show.

A Heartfelt Tribute by DJ Pee Engineering

This morning, during the time slot of DJ Pee Engineering, who was tasked with arranging the program following DJ Ko’s, a touching tribute was paid to the late DJ. DJ Pee Engineering took the opportunity to curate a playlist of songs in memory of DJ Ko, to honor and celebrate his life and contribution to the industry.

During the transition period, DJ Pee also made sure to communicate to the listeners that DJ Ko had gone to be with loved ones and assured them of his happiness. He shared that DJ Ko’s mother had sought the blessings of a monk, who confirmed that DJ Ko was at peace and content.

A Final Farewell

Today, on November 21, 2023, a cremation ceremony will be held for DJ Ko at Pariwat Ratchasongkram Temple at 4:30 pm. The entire entertainment community extends their sincerest condolences to the family and friends of DJ Ko during this difficult time.

After the entertainment industry suffered a loss DJ Ko Trin Ruangkitratanakul went last week This caused a great shock to DJ Ko’s colleagues and fans when they heard the news of his death. Because in the morning DJ Ko was still hosting a radio show.

And this morning (21 Nov. ’23) during the time of the DJ Pee Engineering who had to arrange the program after DJ Ko, while the program was being arranged there were good moments for DJ Ko from DJ Pae for the fans List of songs you want to send to the deceased DJ Go

After that, DJ Pae spoke to the fans of the show, giving each other encouragement. After that, the fans made teasing comments by saying that DJ Ko was already tired of standing. Have Pee Pae drag a chair to Go sit on it, which is this job. DJ Pae He accepted the fans’ jokes and pulled out a chair for DJ Ko to sit and host the show together. So you won’t get tired.

During the previous period, which was the transition period for the program, DJ Pee spoke to DJ Fiat, who replaced DJ Go today, saying that DJ Go had gone to see someone close to him. people close to him say he is happy

And also continues to tell fans that DJ Ko’s mother went to see a monk. And the monk said that DJ Ko was doing well and happy. DJ Pae said that he came to tell everyone that he was listening. Because I want the fans of DJ Go Sabai Jai Don’t worry about DJCO.

And today (21 November 2023) there will be a cremation ceremony for DJ Ko. At Pariwat Ratchasongkram Temple at 4:30 pm Thairath Entertainment Online Once again, I would like to express my condolences to the DJCO family.

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