Review of cancellation of PCR on the first day after entry… Prepare for further relaxation of the quarantine policy

Authorities “reinfectious stabilization period… Comprehensive review of quarantine policy while watching the situation”

The quarantine authorities announced on the 20th that they would consider further lifting or easing the quarantine policy, including the obligation to require all new foreign arrivals to undergo a COVID-19 gene amplification (PCR) test within a day of arrival into Korea.

In a regular briefing on the same day, Lim Sook-young, head of the situation at the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (Bangdaebon), said, “Since the current epidemic is moving into a stable phase, additional parts (adjustments) are being made while comprehensive consideration of foreign trends and expert opinion on different quarantine policies. We are preparing,” he said.

Director Lim said, noting that the diagnostic test obligations for foreign travelers differ from country to country, “In Korea, PCR tests are carried out on the first day after entry, and we intend to monitor the status quarantine further and review foreign cases and expert. opinion comprehensively.”

According to the report, among OECD countries, 10 countries, including Korea, implement measures such as diagnostic tests and entry restrictions for foreign newcomers.

The United States and Canada restrict access to unvaccinated people.

In Japan, Spain, Chile, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Colombia, screening is mandatory for unvaccinated people before entering the country.

New Zealand performs rapid antigen testing on all incoming travelers upon entry.

From June 8, South Korea lifted the quarantine obligation for all incoming travelers, including those who were not vaccinated, and from the 3rd, it also eliminated pre-entry inspections for all incoming travelers.

As a basic measure to block the influx of mutations, the obligation to have a PCR test within 1 day after entry remains.

However, it is also noted that there are many people who have not been inspected after entering the country, and the practical measures and control are difficult, so the effectiveness is low.

If the PCR test duty is abolished within a day of entry, all restrictions on arrival abroad will be removed.

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