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Ronald Koeman fear Messi when Messi was there

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Spanish club FC Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman says his opponents were more afraid of him when superstar Lionel Messi was on the team. With Messi’s departure, Barcelona lost their mental advantage over their rivals. “When Messi was there, the opposing teams were more afraid of Barcelona,” he said. (Ronald Koeman fear Messi)

“We are talking about the best player in the world. Opposing teams were more afraid of Barcelona when he was there, but not now. The absence of Messi on the ground affects us. “If Messi passes the ball, he is sure he will not lose it.”

Athletic Bilbao drew with Barcelona in the second match of the league last night. Both teams scored one goal each. The Dutch forward Memphis Depay, who arrived at the club this season, found Barcelona’s equalizer when Inigo Martinez scored for Bilbao.

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Barcelona have announced that Messi will no longer be with the club after accepting a five – year deal and a 50 per cent pay cut. La Liga president Thebes has stated that he has doubts about the deal and will look into it. Messi has agreed to a pay cut in the face of a crisis in which he will not be able to field any of the newly signed players. However, Messi and the club split due to financial restrictions imposed by La Liga.

Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona to sign French club PSG The contract is for two years. The salary is 35 million euros per year. Messi has signed a preliminary agreement with PSG until 2023. There is also a provision to extend the contract for one more year thereafter. The presence of Neymar has made Messi’s journey to the PSG easier. Messi will wear the No. 30 jersey at the French club. The number 10 jersey was promised but Messi turned it down and chose the number 30.

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