Share that little boy smoking a marijuana bong on Pattaya beach, yelling at him inappropriately, begging the officer to take care of him.

Share Sanan, a little boy aged 9-10, sitting and sucking a marijuana bong on Pattaya beach, shouting at him that it is inappropriate, begging the authorities to take care of him and prevent it from happening again.

On December 1, 2022, the Chonburi Province reporter reported that on the Facebook page of the Pattaya group. Someone posted a picture of a primary school aged child, around 9-10 years old, sitting on a bong smoking marijuana on Pattaya Beach. without any interest so that it is normal Cause many people to share and say that it is inappropriate.

The reporter contacted Mr. Krittiwat, 35, posted the photo. said that to the event That day, he went to show the fireworks. Getting things ready to go into the boat at the fish bridge Saw 2 kids sitting and smoking marijuana using bamboo bongs. At first I thought they were playing together. But he stood and watched for a while and saw that he was actually sucking. so he went to warn When he was asked about his age, he found that he was only 9 years old and 10 years old.. He asked if he had done this, didn’t his parents know? Both children said they had no parents.

Mr. said Krittiwat that he warns him a little. Then the child said, “I’m not afraid. My father is a soldier.” So he went to talk to the man next to him. that you are older than me, why don’t you warn me which is wrong which is right Children still have a long future. But the man remained silent and said nothing.

Mr. said Krittiwat would like to ask the relevant agencies to check in the area so that such an incident does not occur. and losing the image of tourism Including checking and preventing children and young people who smoke marijuana in public places as well

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